a question about the "grimoire of tiamat" by asenath mason

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a question about the "grimoire of tiamat" by asenath mason

Post#1 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:13 pm

First a slight disclaimer: I do not follow the "left hand path", nor am I especially into what people term as "black magic", and frankly what simply amounts to the glamorization of the demonization of certain deities (who are far beyond our modern, contrived concepts of good & evil) annoys me, to say the least...however I am curious about this book by Mason because I have been growing close with Tiamat and there aren't many practical occult writings on her specifically that I am aware of. I am also in an on-going process of comparing and sort of "debunking" or at least ruling out some things in regards to certain deities and practices. I'm sure many of us are in such a process.

I already know enough about this book to know it probably isn't quite up my street (the use of certain languages not remotely connected to Tiamat - like Enochian and Latin - is a big turn-off for me), but I am curious as to whether she even mentions Tiamat's two first-born, Lahamu and Lahmu, Lahamu in particular being another entity who has presented herself as an ally and guide for me. This book (not to mention these deities) is kind of obscure, I know, but hoping maybe someone is familiar with one or the other.
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