The Hexagrammaton to be published by Nephilim Press

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The Hexagrammaton to be published by Nephilim Press

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Update on The Hexagrammaton:

As some of you might recall, we have stated before that we will not become sell-outs via means of publishing our works through a publishing house, admittingly - we did not have much faith in these publishing houses due to us looking in the wrong places. Then we came across Nephilim Press.

After researching the company and their works thoroughly, we contacted Frank Redd, the owner and chief editor of Nephilim Press. We realized that him and his company hold the Art of publishing in high regard, as well as respects and values the author(s) greatly. We told him about our Magnum Opus and our goal to reach as many people possible with it - for it to be on the altar of every mage, worldwide. Admittingly, we could not reach that many people through our self-publishing days, and knew that Nephilim Press would see that goal realized. A month ago, we submitted the concept and a few excerpts of The Hexagrammaton to them, and it has been accepted. We are officially signed under contract with Nephilim Press and they will publish The Hexagrammaton.

In addition - The Hexagrammaton is complete and contains 24 Chapters. We have submitted it to Nephilim today, and leave it in Frank's capable and expert hands. We will keep you all updated on the progress as we are updated. From our discussions thus far, The Hexagrammaton will be presented in Special Edition and Hardcover, but we are sure there will be more updates on the matter soon. We will tell you this though - we have been informed that the book will be released sometime during this December.

When we mentioned in earlier posts concerning the potency and raw spiritual power that will be achieved with this book - we were not exaggerating it, nor was it some sales pitch. To be honest, we do not care about the money all that much (even though the royalties will be more than generous) - to us it is about reaching as many people as we know that this book will cause great ripples in the great deep of the Occult - as it is not just a book, but a paradigm for Spiritual Titans.

We will provide you all with a write-up on the book soon, however we will not be drafting it ourselves.

You can either wait for us to update you via email, on our website or via social media, or we are sure you can find any relevant updates through Nephilim Press' website or social media accounts. ... maton.html
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