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Evoking Rufus Opus...or at least his e-books?

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:22 pm
by Shatteredzen
It is with great concern that I beseech the one named Rufus Opus, or his representative, with a petition of utmost concern. His ebooks regarding the grimoires for enochian and goetic magics are absent from his blog. Being unable to purchase them, I am left with little recourse but to attempt this conjuring.

Hear my plee, I do not wish to delve into the impious realm of piracy for knowledge, could someone please inform me of a method or manner in which I might lawfully obtain (through payment of course) these texts and workings? Thank you in advance, I have prepared a bounty of pomegranates and wheat for chiminage, or electronic transfer of funds if that is preferred. :D