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Latin titles: Liber Mistaculorum Obviousum Imbeciliis

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:19 am
by Asterion
Please stop it with the Latin titles if you are not willing to studyLatin.
Just name it in English. There are so many bad names translated with Google translate or just Evangelical tongue speakers that my eyes bleed.
If d name my book Book of How for get evocasion succes and yes, it would be exactly the same.

OR, if you do like to be misteriousy and what not, study juuust that bit of atin grammar that you need for the title.
for example, The Book of Demons is not Liber Demonis, just because it vaguely resembles the English plural, but Liber Demonorum.

Plrease please please research.