The Plant Remedy - my 4th and newest book

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The Plant Remedy - my 4th and newest book

Post#1 » Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:36 pm

"The Plant Remedy" is completely finished and ready for readers!

I'm very excited to share this book with anyone interested in it. It details and lays out many of my personal practices with plant medicines, and teaches you everything necessary to communicate with plant spirits. Most of the material in the book is based on ancient shamanic practices I learned in the Andes and the Amazon while staying with and studying under tribal shaman, but from my own perspective, and with my own spin. While I draw heavily from traditional practices, my practice is eclectic and based more on what seems to work best then what is strictly traditional.

This book teaches the reader about the different plant medicines, how to prepare them for use, how to invoke their spirits, how to work with them for healing, how to perform successful dieta, how to protect yourself in ceremony, and much more. A lot of this information I have never seen in any book before, and all of it is based on my personal experience.

With this book, there is enough information for someone to copy the elements of my practice which make sense to them, and enough information to help people find their own path, spirit guides and techniques from that starting point. The beauty of the plant spirits is that once you connect with them, they can show you anything you need to know, including how to meet other spirit guides, how to heal yourself and others, how to enter the spirit world, how to find your path in life, and how to be a good person. With the plants, anything is possible.

Books can be ordered from my website, and paypal is the easiest method of payment. The book can also be ordered through Etsy if paypal is too difficult for you. Each book is handbound in leather by me, features a unique design burned into the cover by either me or my wife, and will come signed inside with a personal note from the author (me!). Handbound books are $40, while pdf's are only $3. (paperbacks now available on amazon for $15 as well!)

The book can be ordered here:

Table of Contents
What is “plant spirit shamanism,” and what is this guide?
A Visit to the Andes and the Amazon, and a Personal
Story of How This Happened
Andean and Amazonian Shamanism
Spiritual Healing
Localizing Vegitalismo, Personal Dieta, and Micro-dosing
The Shamans Role
Healing Songs
Being Called
The Nature of Visions and Of Reality
Dangers of Spiritual Tourism
Drinking Alone or With Others
Set and Setting
Cooking Your Brew and Other Medicinal Preparations
Making Your Own Ceremony
Contraindications and Safety Precautions
Mixing Plants
Legal Issues
Foraging and Gathering
Integrating the Lessons
Darkness and Light
Being a Good Person
Near Death Experiences and Fright
Other Entheogens
Plants for Dieta
Final Thoughts

"Spiritual Healing" chapter:

Life is a continuous string of miracles =)

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