A practical spinoff from IIH-style thought control

Initiation Into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and The Key to the True Quabbalah.
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A practical spinoff from IIH-style thought control

Post#1 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:48 am

Earlier this month I made some comment about the practical exercise given in the IIH. I decided to start a thread on the practical application of the IIH that Frabato may never have mentioned.
Back in the 1980s I had a bright student who one day got onto the topic of telepathy and mind reading. I basically explained that I see no reason to dispute the notion of a collective unconscious/ astral plane that connects all living things. I further explained that if we look at each individual as representing an Island then we could each send a messenger to walk across the sea floor from 1 island to another. The messenger could be our thoughts. The only issue was if the sea was too shallow then the waves could blow them off course.
She pondered this for a moment and then asked me if I could read minds? I explained that it does happen to me fairly often but I do not do it consciously. I offered to try to read hers next week.
During that week, I started an intensive practice of thought control exercises as a la IIH. And did two 15 minute sessions per day.
At the start of the class I sat on the floor in my favorite asana, which is the kneeling exercise as seek in karate and agreed a signal for her to start transmitting her thought which I agreed would be a static picture.
I controlled my breath for a few minutes and then started my mental exercise. I focused on reciting my mantra for a few minutes and when I knew I had gotten into my depths I then signalled that she should start sending her image. I then stopped my mental recitation.
I got a strong clear image of a little girl with a red balloon in her left hand and a teddy bear clutched in her right. I rapidly came out of my meditation and reported what I had seen in my mind’s eye. She confirmed everything and then showed me her photo which was a child as I described.

About a year later I was working on my two-person hand drills with a sparring partner at Kung Fu. As usual we were chatting whilst sneakily trying to put each other of balance. Whilst training my training partner mentioned that he hoped that Sifu would be back soon as he was booked to do some work for him. He was going to say something else but the class had come to a close so we have to go line up salute and get change into our street gear. The assistant instructor told the class that Sifu had called him from the Philippines to say that he would be return in three days’ time.

My friend called me over and said that a few days ago, he was practicing his usual “Self-hypnosis” practices when Sifu had suddenly appeared in his mind’s eye and he had wanted to tell me about this occurrence and that he would be back soon probably. I asked what his self-hypnosis practice entailed and he replied it was a daily practice of sitting for 20 minutes reciting his name whilst trying to block out all distractions.
As the reader, will see this is a modest exercise that does not need further elaboration I know other people have cured themselves of insomnia and anxiety attacks simply by using this to calm the mind
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