Experiences with the First Aethyr

Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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Experiences with the First Aethyr

Post#1 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:56 pm

lgdvl73 wrote:I for one am a little disappointed in the magickal community (which is also a disappointment in myself OF COURSE!) that we don't have the discipline among us to have at least 20 such exhaustive records of personal data of the Aethyrs readily available and of a high symbolic quality

In the spirit of that sentiment, I've worked with my first aethyr tonight.


All of the 'of SPIRIT' spirits are summoned, but it's EXARP that I'm speaking with initially. I'm prompted to repeatedly play Ashes Divide "The Stone", as I'm exploring this aethyr. I'm not told why, but I go with it anyway. I'm assuming that some part or all of the song is connected somehow, as the official video probably is, since they're wanting me to run the youtube vid of it. I say I want to be shown my first aethyr and I'm told it's #9, ZIP. I asked if it was bad to go out of order and he said 'this is the one you should start with first. Don't worry about going out of order'. The last time I was shown the aethyrs, it was as a column and row grid, each one with its own animated scene/tv scene seen from a distance with a white background for the grid. The overall shape of these scenes is square/rectangular. I picture this visual again and I 'float' towards the one in the far right column, second from the top

As I approach I see a large ferris wheel, surrounded by a carnnival. Balloons, children laughing, food. There's at least one roller coaster ride with the cars going around and people yelling in excitement. There might be a second or it could be the same one with two sets of cars moving at the same time. I'm not sure.

I find myself standing there, in the carnival. It's a bright day, typically one where it's so bright my eyes hurt (my eyes are more sensitive to light than most other peoples). It's great for night driving, but sucks during the day. Lots of flouresence lights in an office give me a headache. I look down and to my left and there's this white girl in a dress, light gray with flowers all over it and it's sleeveless. They're yellow and purple flowers on her dress. She's got bright blue eyes, white patten leather shoes with a strap over the top of the balls of her feet and curly, shoulder length hair that's honey blonde-like in color. In her left hand, she's holding up a pink-ish-purple batch of cottom candy on a narrow white paper cone.

I take the cone in my left hand and she turns around to her left, running away. I watch her go and then, look at the candy. I hold it up to my face and gently lick it, thinking that it might not taste like cotton candy. The taste might be relavent in the future of this session. But, I'm finding it hard and sharp. The edges of the strings of the faux-cotton candy seem to be serrated, but the points of the serrated edge are also angled towards one end of each string of the faux-cotton candy. My tongue is lightly scratched, but enough so that a little blood comes out. I suck it down and push the end of my tongue against the front end of the roof of my mouth to try to stop the bleeding and continue sucking what blood is left very hard. It's a weird maneuver, but it stops bleeding and I drop the faux-cotton candy to the ground and walk forward.

I come to a merry go round. It's moving, but no one's on it. So, I walk to my left, as I watch it. Looking to see if something happens, but nothing does. I walk off to my left and see a small tent with narrow, blue and purple strips that were vertical. There's a black cloth for a door on the left side of the side of the tent I'm facing and a mirror on the right of the door that was full length. I come to the cloth door and I'm about to go through it when I look at the mirror. I step in front of it out of curiosity and see an enormous orange afro. Not even close to my hair style or color in material life. I have a buzz cut of medium to dark brown hair. In the mirror, my skin is white, like in the material world, but the flesh is dripping, like melting candle wax. Think the nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark after they look inside the Ark, but my skin is melting a whole lot slower. Before now, there was never any indication that something was dripping onto the ground or that there was a feeling of my flesh melting.

My clothes was just a white robe that rubbed against the ground and the sleeves went past my finger tips, but when I took the faux-candy from the girl, my forearm was visible and there wasn't a hint of a robe of any kind or color. I hold my hands up and my skin isn't melting there, but the fingers are clawed. They weren't claw-like nails, like a squirrel has. Think more like a cat's, but a little less curved. They were a little straighter when a cat's is extended. My palms are a little dirty, some of the dirt making the grooves in my hands more pronounced. In the material world, I take good care of my hands, even though they are used a lot, so they have a look like they haven't seen much work, but in this aethyr, they look like those of a rancher or farmer. I grab the bottom of the robe with both hands, pulling it up, and see dinosaur legs, specifically a raptors. I let the robe fall down, but before and after holding the bottom of the robe, the impression I was feeling was that my legs are human. Not dinosaur.

I move to the cloth door of the tent and push it aside to my left with my left hand and as I step in with my right side, I'm immediately pulled into the air and spin around several times to my left before dropping to my feet. But, I'm in darkness and can't see anything. There isn't even light from the doorway of the tent. As I drop to my feet, I feel that I have human legs and I've squatted some, my arms stretched out to my sides. I slowly stand up and call out with my mouth 'why am I here?'. I get no response other than a faint howling of air, but it breezes from in front of me and along my right side and I don't feel the breeze go by my left. I turn my head to my right and I find myself standing in the middle of a grassy field.

When I find myself there, the visual is a repeat I once got from when I summoned NANTA. I'm on a grassy hill with a steep drop in front of me and another ridge of a grassy hill ahead of me in the short distance, which formed a grassy valley below me. The sun was setting, but it hasn't gotten to the top of the next hill. There's approximately 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours left of daylight. The sun is also much larger than normal, as if the earth was so much closer to the sun. The atmosphere feels like it's late summer. The energy of the sun is giving me a slight buzz. I bend my head back and I hear a bird above me and to my right. I straighten my head and open my eyes, as I turn around to my right. I see a blue jay-like bird sitting in a short patch of the grass. The rest around it is a little taller and there's a narrow tree behind the bird. Unlike a blue jay's, all of this one's feathers were blue. The color of the blue was rich and just slightly dark.

I ask what I'm supposed to learn from this aethyr and the bird opens its beak and speaks in english in a guy's unaccented voice, as it keeps its beak open. It says 'stillness, decomposition'. I ask if there's anything else other than elemental attributes. He says 'rain'. I ask 'the rain from the clouds in the sky or another kind?' He says 'underneath and within'. I ask who he is and he says he's 'a messenger of air and harmony. I rise up and pity those under me'. I ask 'why pity'. He askes 'why shouldn't I? You and others don't understand. The instructions that were given were deliberately set ablaze by the higher ups, as you were told before.' [this is in reference to the loss of some of Dee and Kelly's work that was written down] 'They limited what they told them, so they had less that need to be cleaned up'. I asked if too much was given to Dee and Kelly. He said 'no, but they didn't want so much out there that any boob could fuck things up. Eno is too powerful for the time'. I asked 'don't you mean enoch or enochian'. He said 'I meant eno'. I asked 'when you mean 'for the time', which time are you referring to? He said 'the time of Dee and Kelly. They weren't as intellectual or knowledgable as the people of the year 2009 AD'. I get a suspicion about the enochian perspective of the modern world in one respect, that greater means of communication means more effective enochian work. So, I ask if this is true. He said 'in this respect, we like'.

[stillness and decomposition are in regards to the earth element and rain is emotions and the water element] I ask 'what about rain, stillness and decomposition within and underneath do I need to understand about?' He said 'make sure you don't do too much of these'. I asked for advice for this area and he said to 'intensify my work with the angels of kosem and mahra'. He flapped his wings and flew off. I turned my head up and watched him fly over me. I turned around to my left and brought my head back down and he was gone. The sun was now lower in the sky, about a tenth or so behind the next ridge.

I look down at the field at my feet and see a plant with a green bulb and two green leaves, one on either side of the stem. The bulb opens up to show the inside is white, but the very center is red. I squat down and grab the stem with my left hand and pluck it from the ground, straightening up. I hold it up to my nose and it smells of butterscotch. I look to the sun, which is now about half way below the top of the next ridge and I ask is there anything else I should know. I get no response, as the sun continues its quick setting behind the hill ridge. After it passes behind the ridge, the sky turns to a night sky without the interveening purpling-orange haze that comes with some of the sun's light still reaching an area after it has set, stars popping up all over the place. I look around me and the field is gone. I look towards my feet and I see space and stars below me. I look to my left hand and the flower is gone. It's been replaced by a mace/hammer type of thing.

It's got a brown leather band wrapped around its handle, which is about 6-8 inches long. The mace/hammer part at the top is a rectangular block of a dark gray metal with all its edges beveled. I look ahead of myself and ask what am I to do with this. A very deep, but distant voice says 'run'. I ask 'where' and the voice says 'away'. I start to turn around to my right and from where I was looking when I asked about what to do with the mace/hammer was a giant fireball fading quickly into view. It looks the size of the sun and it's moving very quickly towards me. With my arms at my sides, I fly up and at the apex of my ascent, I spin around to my left, as I look down. The sun looking object quickly passes under me and it keeps on its path. I ask what that was and the deep voice said 'creation'. I asked 'why was I to avoid this'. The voice says 'it's not creation for you'. I ask who it's for and the voice said 'you're thinking too much about things that don't concern you'. I asked, 'if I'm to not concern myself with things like that, how can I tell if it concerns me, if I don't inquire about it'. The voice said 'you have a brain, don't you?' I said 'that's why I inquired about it'. The voice said 'exactly'. I asked what that was supposed to mean. The voice said 'don't let yourself get distracted by things like this'. I asked 'even if they are things that would put an end to me being able to accomplish my goals' and the voice said 'they are the ones to ignore the most'. I asked 'what is the hammer supposed to be'. The voice said 'your confidence and strength to get your goals done'. I asked if there is anything else I should do right now and the voice said 'get laid and get some sleep'.

I then found myself back in my room in the material world.

This session happened over the course of almost three hours. I'm also finding myself to be a bit hungry, though my stomach is still full from when I ate before the session. Some people don't like to do it, but I found eating before working with spirits lets my body have another energy source if the working needs it, so I'm not physically or mentally exhausted.

Edit: I'm assuming that despite me starting with ZIP, this one will be revisited.

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