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C/B Cycle

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The flag shown by King Carmara [Sign of the Work] with "C" and "B", an armless
female, and on reverse, the English ''flag old'' [Royal Arms-1400-1603].

King Carmara is showing He and the latter "B" [Pa] are cycled.

It was during the 'old' flag of England that the "C" Carmara and all the names
of the Kings and Princes of the Heptarchial Mystica starting with the letter "B"
were current [1400-1603 i.e., Dee's current era]...but would later, cycle.

Dee's order of the planets, [minus the Sigil of Aemeth] as opposed to the common
Chaldean order, is the cycle.

1Venus, 2Sun/Sol, 3Mars, 4Jupiter, 5Mercury, 6Saturn, 7Moon/Luna

Our era, is Sol -

21 Enochian Alphabet characters [3x7]

Mars[eventually]-G and so forth...

Bornogo in Venus/Dee's era is Cornogo in this Sol era

All Princes/Kings starting with B just isn't 'coincidential'.
The 'System' Evolves/Cycles like the Title King 'Carmara'


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