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Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.

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AHAOZPI - East - Leo

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AHAOZPI - East - Leo - Fire - Sol

King BATAIVA kept super-imposing over Ahaozpi, so wasn't sure at times which EE
I was contacting...

I was receiving a majority of 'still snap shots', rather than the flow of scenes
I have been normally getting. This might be attributed to trying something
different, which I will consider not doing, anymore.

I was in the middle of a desert and a far off pyramid was my center of
attention. A small comical looking being, very tiny, with a big forehead and
small antennae questioned me in some 'sqeaking' language that was not Enochian.

I introduced myself and 'It' took me inside the pyramid. Usual
dizziness....above me was a metal structure, like steel I-Beams.

Floating within it, a semi-sphere of glowing mass - to which I was pulled into.
I felt my kundalini rising and surging forcefully- moving me in the physical. My
temple was crackling in it's walls and ceiling. [Actually brought me out of
trance several times. I readjusted again, peering into the shewstone...]

I now seen a black pyramid, with protruding horizontal tiles. The left
side/upper quarter of Ahaozpi's face, huge, came into focus.


Ahaozpi took form, as 'She who appeared as an Egyptian Goddess' - maybe Sekhmet,
as Her Head dress was obscure and changing rapidly when my focus would settle on

I seen what appeared as a dead bat, but it turned into a chrysalis, and a
monarch butterfly was 'extracted from it'.


Transformation was spoken about...


Ahaozpi was smoking a hookah, which had what appeared, wooden Buddhist
rosary/counting beads, trailing from it.

She then had the tail and half body of a caterpillar.

She told me I was done with Initiations of the Watchtowers and to work more with
the Heptarchia Mystica.


All the scenes sort of replayed again,(?) and I descended down into the black
pyramid- as if I was 'escorted quickly/rushed out of a back door' and came out
of alpha state too quick.

(I felt like I was being reprimanded)

I ate something to alleviate a nauseous feeling and went to sleep- without
dreams I can recall.

Notes were made the next morning, to the best of my recollection.


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