Invocation of the Seniors of Saturn

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Invocation of the Seniors of Saturn

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Invocation of the Seniors of Saturn



Behold scribe, we are those who are forgotten, the fathers and mothers of those who live no longer. We are the first god to be invoked by a man in his desperation, and now we are invoked by you. We present this transmission as proof and evidence of our sanctity and righteous honour.

NOX, the night of Pan in the City of the Pyramids, this our true province, the dead of the desert are sacred to us and blessed in our governance. We favour the dark and the strong, the rigid for they move not. Behold! Our terrible countenance moveth not, for it is beyond the bounds of time. We are infinite in density, the final gateway between the worlds.

Sing, O scribe! That you might appease us, for we are the terrible wrath of the ages, the solvent irresistible, Time itself! And yet this only one small part.

Zeus was eaten up in our belly, and the gods never truly escaped that trauma, for they merely dream within us.

How may we show you? Continue this with void mind and empty heart. Feel the despair, the sorrow of the ages, the gravity of something unseen and yet omnipresent, and then maybe you will understand.

A voice deep and terrible, a mouth ready to devour, this is Death, the final friend of all.

Death is your constant companion, why not be his friend? For he is a powerful ally, great and terrible, comforting and full of understanding. He has heard it all before. The irresistible authority over all life, for nothing is born that does not die, and nothing dies that is not born again. This is the secret. Behold!

In the womb of Binah, the infant Horus sleeps, Jesus has been consumed, is Not. What is this?

The endless killing fields of war, the ravages of time, the tragedies of disease and all old men, shit and foul odours, these are God and god and the gods of men.

The pain of childbirth and the mothers of abortions, these are sacred to us. For without us, who would know joy? Who would live? Who would know the pleasures of the flesh who had not seen that pleasure stripped away to its bare bones.

And so we are also the final implication of Sex. Sex is the Little Death. Death begets Sex begets Sex.

But we digress.

To encompass the powers of Saturn, we first created a vortex, a circular motion in Saturn’s aura, which then served as a gateway out into the wider community of stars from whence we once came. This is the gateway that the spirit was driven through into the material realms of humanity. This is where the Shells were banished from, taking up all sin and excrement of the souls of the famous.

In your solar system, this is expressed in the formation of Saturn’s rings by the crushing up the small planets and moons, (the children) and by the icy core at the heart, the cannibal giant that consumed his little babies, Saturn, the Terrible God of the Fathers.

But witness also the deep understanding of Binah, the circle and the pyramid that are truly one. The Dark Black Ocean into which consciousness might slip when, renouncing all desires and with a pure heart, the aspiration transforms into nothing, empty crystal, a grain of dust in the desert.

Such an one will you be, such an one was your spiritual father, and such an one is Yet To Come.

Before you tire, let us show you one last thing, then consider this session to be complete, over and done with.

There are two worlds, two worlds that are one in nothing, that dark and the light. First by carefully distinguishing them they may be equally transcended. I saw a world of pain and darkness, of fierce copulation, of madness and death. This world is our world, and the world of light.

NOTE: I invoked the seniors using Benjamin Rowe's modified hexagram ritual. The above is merely what I wrote down at my computer immediately following this invocation; I simply wrote down what seemed to be transmitted through me, as it were. There are 665 words in the whole thing (thanks, word count!), which gives us 'The Womb' in Sepher Sephiroth i.e. Binah, Saturn etc.; any comments or insights would be much appreciated.

Cheers! :D

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