Failed Evocation of LAOAXRP

Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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Failed Evocation of LAOAXRP

Post#1 » Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:50 am

I've had successes in this area before. This is my first failed working with Enochian where something didn't just to show up leaving me empty handed with nothing to show for it, and already I think I can see part of what went wrong for me. However, some things that manifested were quite shocking to me despite the rest of the things being more or less in tune with what I expected from experience up until then.

Date, time, & general conditions:
Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Just before 12:00am
Planets: Sun and Moon in Virgo; waning crescent moon.
Weather: Calm
Purpose: To increase natural psychic talents in all ways and to further clear anja chakra
Equipment: Double Wand of Power 20", white robe, Pele ring, Luna incense, waterfall sound effects. (edit: I also have my Enochian tablets posted on my walls. And I also read the call for the water tablet which I forgot to think to mention in my report by accident. :| )

Criticisms: Already I can see symbolically Monday would be better for a small handful of reasons. Not to mention a waning moon might have made it more difficult given that LAOAXRP is the Luna Senior (of Water). That aside...

Operating Procedure: (I could have planned this much better before and not during. I only had a rough outline planned.) First I showered and brushed my teeth. I then robed up, anointed my chakras with Abramelin whilst turning my attention to them. Next I'd started with Dee's daily oration for wisdom aimed to the highest, and performed the Pele ring prayer. Next I performed the Enochian LBRP of Earth. I purified the temple with water/salt, and then consecrated with incense. I then invoked Water with Enochian LIRP, and proceeded to invoke Luna with the Thelemic LIRH. Read the 1st and 2nd Enochian calls first, and THEN I read the First Conjuration of the Goetia which was slightly modified. To modify it I changed many of the names to HCOMA, MPH ARSL GAIOL, RAAGIOSL, etc., but not ALL of the names. Furthermore this was done on the fly increasing the likelihood of things going wrong or losing control in all honesty. I didn't change some names which I think caused what happened next to happen at least in part.

(edit: I hadn't used the first conjuration in my Enochian work before which was a new experiment for me; next time I will be prepared for changing out ALL names to see if I get better results. Plus I will use the 1st key only. Not sure why I used 2nd. First Enochian evocation in a few months...)

As soon as I finished the last word of the conjuration it got suddenly darker and I felt as if something small were watching me from the Western quarter. I greeted LAOAXRP and tried to open dialogue which came with interference. It didn't feel right, though I wasn't making it up. Then after a moment of getting in the groove it felt much more right and I shrugged off the former feeling the best I could thinking it to be some form of internal doubt. I then started to get the heat rising effect around the edges of my circle in the south west and west in particular. Sometimes this was greatly noticed and 5' tall, other times it was like a concentrated ball that was around 2' in diameter. It also once seemed also to be like semi-transparent waves that sweep horizontally going from left to right, or right to left, of some kind of white light. That is a very common one I get when a spirit is near me physically more so than just the heat rising effect so I was pleased. I thought I could vaguely see a shadow forming of a woman on the western wall from the candle behind me sometime during these light effects.

Basically I told her what I was looking to achieve, and it asked me to extend my hand outside of the circle to receive the blessing I had asked for. I denied this because I wasn't 100% comfortable with the circumstances... call it a gut feeling if you will. It then asked me to extend an object instead which I did, tossing it from the circle into the western quarter. A minute or two later it all falls apart... my heart just suddenly started pounding and the presence become more physically apparent to me in all ways. The air thickened and started to feel as if something very bad were going to happen any second. This has never happened with the Enochians before with me. Ever. I often haven't even felt the need for a circle let alone fear and palpable tension.

In the midst of conversation something suddenly draws my attention to the kitchen out of the corner of my eye, and I see a THING running that lasted for a split second... it was half man... half...wolf? It was a shadow of something over 4' long that looked about a bit less than 3' tall off the ground hunched over as it was, and in a position that seemed it should be all fours like a dog. It had one glowing red eye which was visible, and it had it's two front arms up and it was clawing at the air in front of it as it also gnashed at the air with it's mouth. As it bit at the air, I could see it's other eye for a moment once or twice. It ran, racing from part the left side of the doorway across and under the kitchen cabinets to the right where I could no longer see it. This living shadow was very low to the ground as I noted almost enough to slither on it's belly and was almost totally inhuman in it's locomotion, and it also momentarily blocked out the small amount of light coming from street lights and such outside the window, and it's eyes glowed like big red LEDs which I've seen before in several human shaped spirits. All in all just the same it was one of the most horrifying apparitions I've witnessed to date, and despite feeling safe in the circle being all alone with one candle lit and this thing hiding somewhere and waiting for me was quite unsettling. My first subconscious impression was that it reminded me of a warped slightly more wolf-like image of Ose just like that one which is found within the Illustrated Goetia.

Quenching my fearful pondering after 30 seconds or so, I gave the license to depart twice, and banished three times with LBRP. I'd banished water in my astral temple once, and earth twice in my physical body. After I banished water in my astral temple but before banishing earth, I opened my eyes and happened to be looking at the floor. I have these 4"-5" pieces of black masking tape at the proper points for the purpose of marking the quarters. The piece of tape instantly seemed to detach and come INTO my circle, where it proceeded to wriggle around the floor like a giant black millipede might for all but a split second which was still horrible to observe. I forced myself to remain calm with all my will, and knew it was an illusion. "Nothing is in my circle with me;", I said to myself, "it' was just an illusion". After banishing earth twice as I said, the room felt back to normal again before the second time but I just wasn't taking any chances. I stayed in my circle and invoked various Goddesses and spirits until their presence filled the room before leaving my post.

Upon reflection I now get the impression that whatever it was that came instead wanted very badly to unnerve me to screw up my focus or prevent me from finishing, to get me out of my circle at one point during the blessing request, and to lose faith in that circles protective ability at the end. It also seemed to respond to my initial testing tokens but not in a clear way so in retrospect I can't say that it did like with other times.
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