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Vision of ALNDVOD

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Hey folks, thought I'd post this as a re-introductory post to the forum. A group of us were scrying the Tablets (Seniors, Kings, Banner Names) and this was the first working we did in 2010 and one of the more vivid ones I had. Would love to know if this accords with any of your experiences/thoughts. We used the basic method of invokation from Duquette's "Enochian Vision Magick" plus some preliminary banishings. It's copied from my blog where I posted more of these. I never got around to posting images of the symbols I was given by the Enochian spirits but have come to the conclusion that these are personal in any case. Anyway, here goes...!

The room darkens. Shadows draw up to the edge of the circle, obliterating the world outside. In the centre of the circle the candles are dimmed. I become aware of a sound as of feathers being ruffled. Standing there in the centre is a hunched, man sized figure robed in green feathers, it looks over what seems to be its shoulder in my direction and its eyes are aflame. It lifts off the ground and into a star filled night sky, the Moon hanging full and purest white above. Without hesitation I leap into the air and follow this figure; the air is cold and the wind rushes past me. I find myself flying on the back of this creature, feeling the feathers under my hands, the flames from its eyes streaming behind. We are flying over the ocean at night. The ocean is tempest tossed and colossal waves reach up to drown us, but when it seems like the ocean itself is going to shatter the sky great sheets of flame and lightning stream out like a fiery barrier, forcing the ocean back down. Rather than this being the sea being beaten back by the power of fire, I get the sense of the dynamic tension between the watery Luna and the fire of the realm of the OIP Tablet - the interplay of opposites.

The green feathered creature with the flaming eyes flies straight at the Moon and is engulfed by it. The shining white circle of it fills my vision, a black letter Lamed blazes forth and I too am engulfed by the light, pulled into it.

We drift down into a square shaped room with a very high vaulted ceiling, stone walls and columns, wrought iron candelabras, etc. It is furnished with armchairs, tables, shelves around the edges filled with dusty books and objects. There is a fireplace on one wall, and a door in each wall adjacent. In front of the fireplace there are two chairs and a game of chess set up on a small low table between them. I see an abacus on a table behind.

The feathered figure stands near the chairs at the fireplace watching me. I realise that this is the L in ALNDVOD, and not the spirit itself, and that this room is the square upon which L resides on the Great Table. L walks to one of the doors and opens it. Brilliant white light streams forth and I see beyond another square room, this one filled with white light, so much so that the walls themselves are washed out and indistinct, but I can see that there is a door in each wall. In the centre of the room is a great Eye staring at me. It floats above the floor, white light radiating. I ask if this is Alndvod and I hear/understand the reply that it is it's Beginning and beyond are Followers, all Begin with it, and it is He. I look behind me as a great wind flies through the room I just came from, blowing open the door on the wall oposite, and then the doors on a series of rooms beyond, so that I see that this Eye is the A and each subsequent room is the abode of the spirit of another letter of Alndvod's name. I have an image (rather than actually seeing) of this great Eye flying across the night sky with six small green feathered creatures flying behind, flaming eyes trailing. The Eye seems to have a black pupil, and probably black iris, but if I think, it may have been brown - but it's overall feeling is of bright light and whiteness.

I return to the Eye and make a fire invoking pentagram. The gesture is repeated by it being emblazoned in the air surrounding the Eye. I imagine the Hebrew letter Ayin as a question (the Lamed I saw before had a clear meaning) and the answer comes that yes this is A, but I only see it as Ayin because of the way my mind works. It could be seen as any number of connected ideas connoting "A." I ask Alndvod what is his nature: He says following and tension. I ask his colour: Green. I ask his scent: charcoal and mint. I ask his taste: sweet & sour. I ask what symbols/items he bears: "I carry a Star, and nothing else." I ask if he has a symbol with whicih I may work with him: Two slanting lines trace down before the Eye to make a downward pointing arrow, then on the floor a single line draws down towards me, and then splits in two - each of these then curves up and makes two spirals. (I'll try to attach an image...) I was given a gestural form of this symbol as well. I ask if he has any lessons on Healing. He says no. I ask what he has to teach. He replies "You teach." (I am a teacher, so I take this as a kind of Enochian joke). I reply that I want to learn. "Your heart does, your head wants to teach." I thank Alndvod and ask if I may meet the rest of the Followers of which he is the Beginning. He gives assent.

I pass through L's room again, he stands by the fireplace and watches me. I ask him his nature: Tension (like the ocean and the fiery sky). He watches me pass through to the next room.

The next room is shaped exactly as the previous, only it is bare of furniture (I think). Another green feathered figures - N - darts from wall to wall to floor to ceiling like a bullet. It flashes right in front of me before stopping. I ask it its nature: fierce, cutting ties, severing. It almost feels like it is a great pair of scissors with only one function. It seems to be offering to cut something for me, or perhaps even cut me. I thank it and say I don't need it right now before hurriedly moving on.

The next room has no furniture but has a great bowl cut into the floor and a booming sound louder than a thunderclap and echoing deeper than the deepest cave blaring at me. A great sphere of dark light swirls over this bowl and in the centre floats another green feathered creature - D. I ask it its nature: size, big-ness, vastness, girth, SOUND.

The next room has a similar figure to N, but V darts more gracefully and easily. With more purpose than the unpredictable and fearsome N. I ask it its nature: darting, changeability.

The next room also contains a sphere, but this light is white with a very faint bluish tinge. In the centre of this sphere floats O, reveling in the space inside, swirling in circles one way vertically, horizontally, one direction, then another. I ask it its nature: freedom within boundaries.

As I reach the final room I see a fountain of water flowing up from the floor like a spout. I think I catch sight of D floating up through the jet of water and perhaps sitting on the fountain at the top, but Soror L is ringing the bell for us to return. I am pulled back through the rooms rapidly, doors slamming behind me. I see the door to the room with the Eye - A - swing shut, I echo a thanks, and L is pulling me upwards. I erupt through the floor and find myself back in the room and in my seat. The others coming back to themselves also.

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