Real initiation

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Real initiation

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It is disheartning to see so many well intentioned people not understand true African Religion. Most people just want the magic. I was like this because I was misinformed by misinformed people. True African Religion transforms you from the inside out. The Oricha, Lwa and Palo spirits are nothing to play with. Start by ancestor veneration. You commune and pray with them laugh and sing with them and they will transform your life. Boveda is not for magical workings. When the candle is burning pray for thie spiritual evolution. Bless them and let them know your needs not your lustful desires without complainiing about it. My most favorite impartial Spirit that I have a relationship with is Santa Muerte. She is RAW! Bu still needs to be approached with RESPECT. THE SPIRITS ARE NOT TRAINED ATTACK DOGS. Santa Muerte does not not require initiation but first you must establish a relationship first before getting to spellwork. Pray for guidance and protection and she will protect you like a mother bear protects her cubs. Blessing.

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