How to approach other systems from Ifa/Yoruba standpoint?

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How to approach other systems from Ifa/Yoruba standpoint?

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:33 pm

Hello everybody. I've been looking though various posts on this forum for a few months now
As the title suggests, I am wondering how to approach/rationalize Ifa and other modern traditions spoken of here.. as a follower of Ifa is it wise to perform magical workings from other tradition? Are there any Tabus or strings attached to that for initiates?
With my basic initiation just Awofakan I'm not able to do much within the Ifa matrix in terms of workings - I'm wondering if i have the freedom to do workings in different traditions for the time being to accelerate and improve certain aspects of my life.
If so, how does the realm of Ifa interact or coexist with others metaphysically? I want to assure there will not be any conflict. In my exploring of this forum, I've come across several ATR members who have proficient knowledge/experience with varied traditions and systems outside ATR - to those I ask, what are the differences between the Orishas and other entities from other systems? How do you structure your works to respect the differences, make sure there are no unfavorable interactions, etc.
Also, are there any specific type of workings/systems which contradict Ifa as a whole and should be avoided entirely?

I have not encountered any information on this subject, so I am eager to hear the knowledge and experience of more experienced persons.
Thank you

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