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any advice on how to get to know Oshun or any other Orisha?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:02 pm
by Made-of-the-Waves
Water and the ocean are central to my spiritual/magical practice and it came as no surprise to me when I felt a pull to Yemaya and Oshun. Yemaya strikes me as very similar to Tiamat, who is at the head of my personal pantheon, being the primordial salt waters themselves and the mother of all. Oshun has stood out a bit more though.

I do have friends whose practice is primarily Kemetic/African and they have an altar to Oshun, but they have also had a lot of personal challenges lately and, while I still plan on poking them about it again soon, I thought it couldn't hurt to get suggestions from multiple people while I wait for their lives to quiet down.

I'm just wondering what would be a good starting point for working with Orishas and Oshun specifically. I'm very interested in learning the Yoruba cowrie shell divination system and wondered if anyone could recommend any good books/sites for that as well. I feel like I didn't have much success when I looked recently, but then I didn't spend a terribly long time being very thorough either. Not long after I started looking into that system and thinking about Oshun, I had a dream in which I saw one of those wooden divination boards used (at least sometimes I guess..?) for obi/diloggun.

Someone suggested, in reply to my introduction post, that I could have a tutelary Orisha and I wondered if anyone else had anything to contribute/explain about that as well.