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Help Identifying New Orleans Keys????

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:06 am
by nipha333
I do not practice any ATR's. I work extensively with Hekate and have a habit of telling people that i will trade with them, or buy from them, if they come across cool keys. Two friends of mine traveled to New Orleans for mardi gras last year and I got a call from them telling me they came across some keys on necklaces. The first thing that comes to mind when someone says mardi gras is people throwing plastic party necklaces so I didnt expect much, but these are what I got when they arrived back in oregon. (the top key is not from new orleans, only the bottom two)
I know very little about the atr's aside from quimbanda but I know a few entities are heavily associated with keys, and also that New Orleans is a haven for these practices as well magick in general. These keys are very well made, strong, intricately designed, and i cant help but wonder why would someone just be throwing these into a crowd if they didnt have good reason? Cheap shitty plastic beads sure, but these? Divinations and direct questions to Hekate havent made clear to me the source or connection of these keys. I was wondering if any of you recognized the style, or maybe any symbolism in the designs that is familiar to you?