Okolo the leopard warrior

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Okolo the leopard warrior

Post#1 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:26 pm

During my last astral travel while performing a type of Venus magic, I happened to meet Okolo, the leopard warrior, somewhere in the astral field in which there were also lions and some other wild beasts. But this black leopard happened to be very interested in me. I had to use huge mental strength in order to tame this beast. It is a wonderful creature and it has something mild and sweet in his eyes, but it is incredibly dangerous to other people or spirits who happened to be on its way as enemies.

After this astral episode, I got from one of my students a present for Chinese New Year, which happened to be this "child book"...


Browse to page 15, and there is a painting of Okolo..Even though it is a child's painting, it looks more or less the same way how Okolo appeared to me in the astral world.

While I was talking to my family members about Okolo, this book and how this warrior somehow might have become my guardian, they were also watching a Chinese cartoon on TV, when suddenly 50 black panthers appeared in one scene.

We all agreed that a chance for black panthers appearing on TV just a few seconds after I started talking about Okolo was 0 percent, so we took it as a magic and another sign of Okolo's presence.

I had had visions of panthers before...but they had not been black...they had had unusual purple color with green spots or green color with purple spots. They had been following some ancient tribal warriors with spears in their hands.

I think that this is the first time for me to have experienced some African related magic...

So, I would be grateful if we could start conversation about Okolo, panthers and jaguars.
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