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Going on Hiatus

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:33 am
by WhiteRaven
I didn't want to just stop activity here. I also want to let you all know that I'm still going to be checking my inbox. I'm actually stepping away from all online communities, not just SA. I'm resigning from Spells of Magic and I'm also cutting out gaming, including an mmo I've played for 6 years :'(

I'm tired of not having time to respond to people that I talk to one on one. And I'm also becoming frustrated at my lack of time to practise magick, write and create art. And I'm getting a MASSIVE calling for all three.

With my infant son being so clingy, and having a jealous toddler and 9 year old all fighting for my attention...not to mention my husband and my dog--my "free" time is commonly borrowed time and I need to prioritize.

I could never step away from Studio Arcanis forever. This is definitely my "home" and I love you guys.

Things will get easier as my youngest grows older. I'm aiming toward Summer for returning back to my usual posting however, by latest it will be Autumn. I won't be returning to anything else I quit--just Studio Arcanis.

If you currently talk to me through email, instant message, text, or PM here, those are the type of conversations I'm putting on top priority. So don't think you are bothering me.

If at any point you want or need to contact me, I'll still be haunting SA through my inbox. Feel free to shoot me a message. As long as notifications here work, I get emails and notification bar alerts when I have mail.