How I Arose From The Ashes Like The Phoenix And Was Healed

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How I Arose From The Ashes Like The Phoenix And Was Healed

Post#1 » Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:34 am

Hello Everybody,

I most recently departed from

the hospital after spending two

weeks inside there. When I went in

the nurses reported that I had the

temperature of 103 Farenheit.

I apparently had caught some

sort of crazy ass virus. However,

after two weeks there here is

some of the best news I have

ever reported you. My issues

with having paranoia and even

hearing voices have totally left me.

I appear to be in total remission.

While there in the hospital I met

another patient named Allison.

She's a hard working woman

who is very productive and has

her own business. I think we are

going to become good friends

and start dating. Lastly, I have

removed the predatorial people

from my life who were draining

away my money and resources

and time. I am again posting here

on the forum. The one year Pact

that I had made with Helel Lucifer

has ended. Lucifer is quite capable

of fooking you and your life up if

He chooses and if you cross and

wrong Him in some way.

He is not just some entity.

That term sounds like a bug

and insect. Rather Helel Lucifer is

an extremely powerful Devil

and the King of Hell as some

Grimoiric sources suggest.

Lastly, I have created a new blog

for you which will show and teach

all the supernatural and magickal

and psychological discoveries

and methodologies and techniques

which have worked for me

and thankfully for clients and

people around the world during

the last thirty nine plus years.

The blog will eventually become

my masterpiece, because I am

going to pour everything that I have

ever discovered and learned here

into this blog, and most of

the information and secrets will be

offered you and very thankfully

and for free.

My God and gods its great to be

still alive and well at age 58.

I even had a former exotic dancer

age 38 years old living and staying

with me at my house for one month

prior to me going into the hospital.

That situation was very interesting.

I thank God and the gods and my

Italian and Slavic ancestors for

their creativity and imagination

and intelligence and hard work

and producing something of value.

And most of all I really thank

you the readers for putting up

with me all these years over at

the sites

and here at

I give thanks.

Tim Bruno

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