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Stream of Miracles - Peru Retreat 2015

Post#1 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:06 pm

I have mentioned a few times that I was making a group retreat for Peru - well, I finally have all the details!


9 day retreat of transformation in Cusco, Peru August 8-16.

We will be working with the great grandfather medicine Wachuma, also known as San Pedro, as well as visiting sacred temples of the Inca and performing sacred ceremony with the decedents of the Inca, the Q'ero.

San Pedro is known as the one who holds the Keys to Heaven. When the indigenous Wachumero's first heard this, they knew that St. Peter, San Pedro, was the same as Wachuma - for Wachuma lets you see yourself, the planet, and your life with the eyes of divinity. This revered plant medicine has been used for thousands of years as a way to heal the sick, achieve mystical union, and to find guidance from Source. Often referred to as heart medicine, San Pedro will show you the true depths of your own heart, so that you can bring worth what is within you to share with the world in the most empowered way possible.

We are blessed to have the greatest guides for our journey - Lesley and her sons Mark and Simon, as well as one of the Q'ero paqo's for our sacred Andean ceremony. Lesley Myburgh has been working with Wachuma since 1992. Her apprenticeship with Don Ruben, shaman, archaeologist and anthropologist, lasted 2.5 years and required that she sat with Wachuma bi-weekly for that entire period. In 2000, her maestro gave her permission to facilitate ceremonies for others, and since then, many people have visited her for healing and multiple books have featured her story. After reading about her in one of these books, I soon found myself at her home, face to face with her and San Pedro, and the experience was so transformational that I want to share this medicine with others who feel called to this journey.

We are also honored to be joined by the Q'ero for a limpia cleansing ceremony and a dispatcho offering giving thanks and gratitude back to Pachamama (Mother Earth) for all the blessings in our life and during our trip in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The Q'ero are one of the most treasured peoples in the Andes renowned for their preservation of the ancient ways and ceremonies. This is a unique experience to be touched by their magic and the mystery of the Andes.

Along our journey we will visit the Ancient Inca temples and fortresses Machu Pichu, Ollantaytambo, and Pisac, to connect with the Mountain Spirits and the rich heritage of the Andean peoples. Coupled with Q'ero ceremony and working with San Pedro, the power and magic of the sacred sites comes to life and reaches deep into your heart where it will stay with you on your journey back home. This is a once in a lifetime quest to connect more deeply with the wisdom of the past, and with our own hearts, so that we can grow and live more balanced and fulfilling lives in the present.

This retreat is hosted by me, and will also feature two workshops taught by me on Andean Curanderismo and related practices. This is the same location I was married at, and is a place very dear to my heart - I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to share it with others!

This video is filmed at the same location we will be staying at for the retreat:

For more information, please feel free to check my website, or contact me either here or through email. Space is limited to maintain an intimate group size!
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