A few Questions....

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A few Questions....

Post#1 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:30 pm

Hello everyone..I am a new member to the forum and I'd been writing mainly in the "New to NAP" forum. I've also been reading the forums and there are some things I would appreciate anyone's help/input with, so here goes...

My love relationship has recently hit a snag, it seems to be the result of misunderstandings and some inappropriate actions, I decided with the advice of a friend to try to NAP rites and chants. During the time ive been performing the rites I've noticed more changes in myself for eg. I'm not feeling like a desperate cat reaching out for forgiveness and love..I feel hopeful but yet im open to the dissolution of the partnership, I feel "stronger" but of course I want the relationship to work as It has been awesome, There has been very little change in her however and we are separated by oceans at the moment, yes I know that in Magicks there is no Space/time..:D

In performing the rites initially I would perform two rites back to back which related to the same purpose I.e Love...since reading the forum Id continued with only one..but now im feeling again as if I can/should be performing the two..as again I feel they relate and this would add a double whammy to my workings. Any thoughts...?

Ive been reading also about offerings to the spirits, how would i go about doing this..Ive not read anything about this in the NAP book but it seems to be a practice of some members here..what do i offer?..HOw do i choose this offering..?

I feel strongest when and after I have performed a Rite/Chant, this is not an attempt to "force" results but it makes me feel again more grounded, more centered and confident that a favorable resolution is on its way..ad the various cleansing /banishing rituals make me feel extremely hopeful in all areas of my life as this situation had been a huge drain on my emotional energy. While not in the spirit of "forcing" anything but simply "making my case know/heard" is twice or thrice a day performance of the rites something acceptable... again this keeps my mind and heart off the concern and makes me more centered, focused, confident and hopeful..any thoughts...?

Thanks for reading and your responses..I will continue my workings and adding more and more to them with the intention of building more power into the rites.

Many Thanks.

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Re: A few Questions....

Post#2 » Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:49 am

surohorus has best routine on his site for nap, and it has helped me much. first do mp and bornless one invocation, you have to feel divine authority in you after you do them, and speak the chants with it. then do dee hay tooth to seal. don't banish afterwards unless you plan on doing more chants.

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Re: A few Questions....

Post#3 » Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:33 am

Shadowflame, thanks very much for responding to me I will follow your advice and continue my workings.

Many thanks.

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