Sensations during the Bornless Ritual while taking a NAP

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Sensations during the Bornless Ritual while taking a NAP

Post#1 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:09 pm

Hello everyone,

More a question of curiosity because I'm well aware I'll have to develop the experience myself.

I've read about NAP on this forum and as soon as I got a copy of the book I gave it a try. First two or three tries I skipped the Bornless Ritual and nothing really interesting happened.

Later on, I added the Ritual and ... I was extremely surprised from the first day. I've learnt it by heart and during the very first attempt, with my eyes closed, i've seen some lights "blinking" blueish, heart ratio went up and I've had cramps all over my body. The next day, during the same attempt to do NAP the light blue lights became violet dots. Other effects were even more present. After that I did not experience any lights but the sensations are so strong that my hands are literally shaking. The more time I repeat the verses of the Ritual the stronger the effects are.

What's interesting, it seems there are some "phrases" of the Ritual that seems to have a more potent effect. In other words, when they're being pronounced the sensations I've mentioned before manifest even in a stronger way. What is even more interesting, i tried adding some of the verses of the Liber Samekh and they seem to work also (more precisely - a verse concerning "being a prophet"; still i'm not referring to Khem but i think it depends of the individual's background). Interestingly, the last 2 verses of the NAP's Bornless Ritual does not seem to have any potent effects. I don't really feel the concept of "the mouth that flameth" and the last verse about "begetter of light". However, I'm not really aware in fact if i understand them clearly.

Furthermore, If i try to do the Ritual by itself (without the relaxation and etc.) those effects are not present.

Now the question is - have you experienced the same effects? Should I try to push the Ritual forward despite these sensations and develop the more powerful verses? I hope I won't get a stroke or something.

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Re: Sensations during the Bornless Ritual while taking a NAP

Post#2 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:07 pm

I think others might find it more interesting is you discussed more detail such as what exact phrases and words vibrated offer these reactions.

From what you are describing, I would say that the ritual is eliciting an altered state of consciousness aka a trance. Good job.

The cramps is likely the cause of being too tense at the start. Drink plenty of water that day, take a warm relaxing bath before, massage your shoulders and feet and stretch. That should help.

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Re: Sensations during the Bornless Ritual while taking a NAP

Post#3 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:15 pm

Thank you WhiteRaven. To develop the topic further, i'll try to gave an insight about the "feeling" of each phrase of the Ritual. 0 goes for "no reaction", 1 "sthing happens"; 2 "strong sensations.

"Thee I invoke, The Bornless One. [1]
Thou art Man made perfect, whom no man has seen at any time. [1]
This is He whom the winds fear. [2]
Hear me, and make all subject unto me, so that every spell and scourge of the Vast One shall be made obedient to me.[2]

"I am He, the Bornless Spirit, strong and of immortal fire. [2]
I am He, the Truth, that lighteneth and thundereth. [0]
I am He whose mouth ever flameth. [0]
I am He the begetter and manifester unto the Light." [0]

[added: Hear thou me, for I am Mosheh thy servant, unto whom Thou hast committed thy Mysteries, the ceremonies of Israel.] [2].

Despite I wrote before about not using similar phrase with Khem I changed my mind, it gives a lesser feeling but still weak.

It is quite clear for me that something needs to be done in the second phase because even the numbers introduced in this post show that after the first part i'm not doing well.

Any insights? Maybe others could share their experiences?

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