A curse I thought I'd share

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A curse I thought I'd share

Post#1 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:34 pm

This is a funeral ritual I had wrote a while back, I have been meaning to post this here but had to tear the house apart to find the notebook. I will be performing this very soon and provide updates for results if any. I designed this ritual to use any spirit one wishes to use. I will be using Dra'talon from Koetting's Book of Azazel.

This rite can also be performed with multiple people acting as participants in the funeral. They will serve to affirm the thoughts and acts taking place.

Supplies that will be needed will be a ritual dagger/knife, personal concerns of target if available if not standard cursing agents, linen or fabric for construction of a poppet and a box to serve as a coffin.

Construct poppet while visualizing the body of the victim in your hands, you are his creator and his destroyer. Every stitch you put into the poppet will be focused on bringing your target to life in your hands. You are god to your target you control his creation and his demise in your hands. Fill the poppet with personal concerns and or cursing agents. Speak to your target as you assemble his body, tell him you are creating him, bringing him into existence, command him to breathe, to live and tell him he has no choice but to accept the form in which you create and consecrate as his body in flesh and spirit.

Take the coffin and paint/inscribe the sigil of the entity of your choosing into the lid of the box/coffin. Draw a picture of your target in the situation you wish for them to be in ( car wreck, pool of blood with chalk outline etc) draw the sigil of the entity you wish to use on the picture. Place the picture on the inside of the coffin the poppet will lay on top of it when it is placed in the coffin.

Prepare grave for the coffin

Place the target upon the alter, summon or call out to the spirit to witness, empower and aid your working. Take the ritual dagger in reverse grip and hold it over your target and recite. "Spirit ____ I call you to witness this act of destruction. As this blade serves my will it issues your task, as I strike this killing blow upon ____ and end his life here so to shall you strike. As I end ___life in this ritual you will end his life in this existence." Strike into the heart of your target seeing him wither and die under your blade call out "As I have killed___ so to shall you."

Place the target into the coffin and close the lid. "As I have sealed your fate 'target name' I leave you in the hands of 'spirit used' may he take you from this life to the next."

Carry the coffin and place it in the hole. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the death of ____ (if more participants are present they should say "___ is dead". He was removed from this life for his sins of ___, for his unforgivable crimes he was put to death (___blank is dead). For the pain and suffering he caused he is gone (____ is gone). He was taken from this world by the spirit ____ to the next. He is gone, not even a memory of him survives past this day (___is forgotten). Let us celebrate this death and rejoice that___is dead, ___ is gone and ___is forgotten." Cover the grave and walk away.

I wrote this a while back and will modify it here and there and let you know what I change. The thought to use such a rite came to me after reading about the power of the mind and about how it doesn't have to be positive thinking needed to affect the subconscious but it does have to be both symbolic and affirmative. Hope you enjoyed.
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