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Handling stubborn targets/difficult victims

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:48 pm
by plum_girl
As some members know, I´ve been dealing with a nasty, neverending problem . This quest forced me to think, troubleshooting my magick and evocation MO. Looking through the forum, books, and googling, I realize that the issue of "stubborn targets" in Black magick is not widely discussed.
Have you guys ever faced an oponnent that - thanks to spiritual highjackers/guides, magical shielding or whatever - seems difficult/impossible to hit? I mean, when you are expecting to succeed in your usual timeframe and that just won´t happen (results are unusually slow, or just temporary and fade after a while, or even after you hit the bloody bas***d with your nastiest tricks he/she rises again and makes the best of the situation, or worst, turns it around?). Has anyone here dealt with these "Terminators"?
A local witch I know uses a common binding spell BEFORE any other spellwork, as a preparatory work, just in case. This seems a very clever idea. I also recalled a very rare, little known entity I used years ago, several times, with huge sucess. I had it in the back of my mind, but in stress I forgot about it. It´s a fearless, annoying spirit whose sole purpose is to weaken other entities that may guard the target, or weighting on the powerful oponent himself until he gives in to magical attacks (PM me if interested). Any other methods, approaches or ideas on dealing/beating stubborn targets? Any success stories would be much appreciated as well :).