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The Freeze Spell

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:44 am
by vovin
I have been using this low magick spell for a years now with great success, and I have shared this with a few of you on the forum. I like it because it removes people from your life inobtrusively. For example work colleugues have moved departments or left the company or problem neighbours have become embroiled in there own affairs or have simply moved out of the area after this has been cast on them. I prefer this to doing death spells or throwing there life into turmoil but thats just me. Sometimes its smarter just to remove the problem than to swat flies with machine guns.

A small piece of paper the size of a post it
A piece of string about 4 to five inches long
A plastic container like a jar or something that can be filled with water and sealed without bursting in your freezer.

Write the problem persons name in full onto the piece of paper.
Roll the piece of paper into a scroll.
Bind the scroll with the piece of string and bind it tightly uttering your intent. "I want Marilyn Manson to stop meddling in my affairs and from saying or causing any harm to myself or reputation. May they become so embroiled in there own affairs that I will no longer be involved in any way with this person for as long as this string binds this scroll so mote it be."
Take the bound scroll and put it into the pastic jar of water. Seal this and place it in the back of your freezer. The person should not bother you again.. You can quite easliy undo it by thawing the frozen scroll and undoing the binding...