My experience with Set, Typhon, Set-Typhon

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My experience with Set, Typhon, Set-Typhon

Post#1 » Tue May 07, 2019 10:55 am

Since working with the Qliphoth I have been fascinated by the dark side and gotten very serious in my shadow work, I take time to work with the light side and dark side.

I have worked with spirits of necromancy and the unknown in order to understand why I do things on a deeper level, and integrating the shadow when I can. We all repress something in the course of our lives and if we allow that to fester it will be come necrotic to our lives both on a personal and spiritual level. What I've learned from the Qliphoth is that I have anger that has been used against me, instead of using it to my benefit it has been out of control or silent. But when my anger would come out it would be like a fire and indiscriminately hurt others and make me feel weak like my body could not handle (like I was having an allergic reaction, I would be on the verge of passing out) so when I went through the Qliphoth I learned how to channel that anger and now my body can express anger when necessary without feeling wiped. I am still working on how to express the anger (I don't feel it often but like once or twice a year but I would blow up), but now I am no longer repressing it or seeing it as a negative and should be kept away from. Anger is a human emotion and that it shouldn't be vilified but expressed in a rational response.

I read a lot about the god set and Typhon, in the book "The seven faces of darkness" by Don Webb. The book is very much in the style of the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) but what I am most interested in is that Set is a representation of finding ones own individual strength, and that he is both feared and respected by the gods ("He popular of the gods" and "He who rushes to inflict harm" are some epithets of Set) and very necessary for the continuation of life on earth as he protects Ra when he passes through the underworld by slaying Apep (in the oldest myths). He causes resistance in order for one to push back, it's like developing a muscle while doing weights, he's the push where you need to do is push back. Typhon is called the father of monsters and was the Ace in the hole Gaia had to take revenge on the Olympians after Zeus killed the Hekatonkheires because he was disgusted by them. Typhon represents the ability to push back against all odds, to resist and how terrifying one can be when they put their full force of their will.

I started to work with Set and Typhon, I went into this without expectation but I was pleasantly surprised.

I first greeted Set when I first called him, and I asked him to teach me what he thinks I need to know. He first told me to read and find out as much I can about him, symbolism and such. So I did, learned epithets, made my own invocations, and wrote down what Don Webb had in his book for rituals.

That night he took me on a boat and he showed me the underworld (in a vision), and the corpse of Apep. After we went to Mt. Etna and went underneath it and saw a giant mass of serpents and it looked at me and it breathed fire on me (in my invocation to Typhon I asked him to come into me in full strength) and I felt purified. Set then said we can now start.

The following days it was a lot of channeling Set and Typhon, calling the quarters. Affirmations. The days that I was doing this I at first felt my anxiety hit new maximums but Set would tell me it was part of the process and to power through it, everyday the anxiety reduced until I can get my anxiety under control no matter what level I was at. I alternated working with Set in the day and Typhon at night, or Typhon by day and Set by night. (If I can, and if people want I can post my invocations that for me make me feel so powerful)

One night Set appeared to me with his son Anubis and he explained that I was going to go through the mummification processes to refine myself (Set is super tough when he can but soft and caring when he has to), he then showed me the mummification process and placed my organs in 4 jars. He took my wrapped body over a cliff and dropped me, I burst into 6 different pieces. Set told me to use what was in front of my (my old corpse) with my spirit being the thing to put it together. I took my brain and cut out a seed that was deep inside, placing it in my heart inside the heart, dug a hole and placed that into it and placed the two jar of organs in there and watered it my liver, used my black flame to give it light. A tree sprouted with both a light side and a dark side, I made my own tree of life that is me and I am it.

I would at times have panic attacks at random, but after this I haven't felt it since and I feel a lot more confident in my shadow working.

Any questions, comments, or please share your own experiences if you have them with Set or Typhon.

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