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Compel a woman for lust

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:30 am
by francov
Here is an instructive story which shows how sometimes magic works.

Over the years I found out that most of my magic spellcasting was about sexual imposition. Instead of invoking/evoking demons and alike, in this issue I spent the years training in strong sexual visualization which very often gave me amazing results.

The last one was of particular interest and I want to share it.

I targeted a specific woman, with which I already had sex but I'd like to do it again, and again. She was very angry with me and it was a very challenging affair.

Thus, I started a cycle of very strong, lustful sexual visualizations to build up a powerfull current of sexual radioactivity in order to cast the spell onto the target woman.

This time, to steeply increase the power and excitement, I visualized a sexual intercourse I had with a young girlfriend of mine, when we were at school, long time ago. We were thirteen or fourteen, and she made something to me in one of the dark hallway of our private school. I was on fire. I built up a strong current of sexual radioactivity, and when it was no longer bearable, I cast it onto the target woman, the angry one, on the mental plane.

As always, I repetead the rite several times in a row.

Then the interesting part comes. No feedback at all from the target woman. But instead, a strange event: the old girlfriend suddenly searched and found me on facebook. I mean, we never talk since 1995 or about. She said she had a very strong and vivid dream with me and... would we have a coffee?

In short, great sexual time. Passion, lust. And eventually she also offered me a job and money (?)