My experience with NAP

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My experience with NAP

Post#1 » Mon May 14, 2018 10:38 pm judgement here but I was turned on to NAP last year by some friends. Of course some say it's white magick and the curses can't be that dark. To me magick is magick. No white or black, just intent. Anyway...I dated a girl for quite a long time. We were very serious. I helped her out of a bind financially, after we were together for a while. Her kids thought the world of me...and I treated her kids as my own! But out of the blue she dumped me...not for anything that I did. It was one of the hardest things I ever saw to see her eight year old daughter begging her not to break up with me. She became somebody I no longer knew...and nobody else did either. Even her best friend disowned her. I had tried some Gallery of Magick stuff and got no results, and that's where NAP came in. I lost about $8000 by helping her. I used the astral bomb ritual and I asked for justice for the money that I lost and the pain that I felt. Now...these results I saw first hand. Not hear say but I actually seen the results. When we was together she owed about $300 on credit cards and in roughly two months time she ended up over $15,000 in debt! She moved to a new house and it fell apart! Water backed up into and the walls are molding on the inside they discovered. Her father died suddenly and she was an only child and he was not married so she had to pay for her fathers funeral. Her dads family suddenly disowned her, her ex husband was trying to take her back to court over the kids, and I can't remember what all else off the top of my head. I did not call the spirits off btw...Oddly enough I went on with my life and I bought a house and I needed a new stove because there wasn't one in the house I bought. To the exact day that I went and bought a stove, hers went out in her new house! The spirits are still there doing their work months later I see. I wanted to share this in case anybody thought that the spirits in NAP don't get down and dirty because they most certainly do!

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