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Transgression and Shock Value

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:01 pm
by Draconis94
So I should probably begin by declaring that I am a die-hard LHP practitioner, who is fed up with the apparent "moral softness" pervading Occult Communities these days. At one time in history witches, sorcerers, and magicians were feared by the profane public (the "uninitiated", the Cowans, etc.) for their immense power, knowledge, and cunning. Now it seems, thanks to New Age religions in particular, we are being made fun of, labelled as hemp-eating Yoga junkies who parade through the woods barefoot intoning chants to the Goddess or some other thing like that!

I simply don't understand the aversion modern-day magicians have to working with Serial Killer or Dictator archetypes in their magickal practice (whether it be invocation, meditation, etc.) in order to explore the Limits of Adversity and Transgression. I'm speaking of something the Order of Nine Angles really pionneered: Transgression as a means of liberation and the use of shock value (not requiring belief or adherence in the object of shock) to trigger and generate psychological and psychic energy.

Let's put Fear and Darkness back into magick, and make it what it truly is meant to be!