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The Greatest Black Magic Working of All Time

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:49 pm
by corvidus
Is how to get a shitshow and snobbish bartender to give you a free beer.


But I'm serious. It requires penetrating an impenetrable defense. The casual manipulation of personality. The allure of a fucking god for fucking gods sake. Also the intoxicated concentration and focus of a dragon. Or a panther... or a falcon. I haven't decided yet.

And don't get me started if bartender is a lady.

I sure as hell can't do it :jkj

How do or would you do it?

Post Script. You see how I sold that in the title yeah? Lol

Also, please do not apply these methods to the gracious and generous keeps at the Old Viking Club. I'm more than happy to buy you a round there if your pennies are pinching.