Andromalius bad aspect with cops

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Andromalius bad aspect with cops

Post#1 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:14 am

I always got results with Andromalius to expose thiefs and criminals.

From Rufus Opus Modern Goetic Grimoire:
Andromalius is the spirit responsible for bringing criminals to justice, especially thieves. He not only brings the thieves to justice, he ensures the return of the stolen goods.

The first problem is: most of times this also means I will have to deal with cops due something else.

I remember someone commented about this, but I didn't found what topic was. It was just a note.

So, here's the problem. Andomalius will help but this usually even create a new situation I had to deal with cops. Usually unrelated.

This often included being attacked by someone, in a new case, so I needed the cops.
Or the situation leaded to myself enter into a fight and again, go to the cops for help.

Many times I used the basic ideas about "how to ask", and for sure, asking for "no harm to myself".

But does not work.

For sure I'm missing the part for something like.... "Hey Andromalius, make sure I will have no backfire in anyway".

The second part is about "return of the stolen goods". This not always happens. Or is not as I would like for a decent level.

For sure, for such fights, I also renew my calls to Mars spirits for protection and etc.

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