Wax Ball Spell

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Wax Ball Spell

Post#1 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:36 pm

If anyone is familiar with Judika Illes, then they are certainly familiar with her series of "The Element Encyclopedia of..." books. One of the first books I had on Magic was the "5000 spells" volume, purchased by my Aunt when I was 8 or so.

It contains (you guessed it) 5000 spells - for all sorts of purposes, from across a very very large range of cultures and traditions. From anywhere with your "easier spells" to covering more morbid and macabre like the legendary "Hand of Glory", it makes no apology for it's nature and simply puts forth all sorts of great and interesting materials.

Enough said! I'm not writing a review here! *laughs* But - I want to talk about a spell contained within its pages called a "Wax Ball Spell". Simply put, it is a wax ball in which DNA from a target is rolled up into it. Anything from hair to fingernail clipping, spit, piss, menstrual blood - you name it - it can be put into the Wax Ball.

Now the purpose of this spell is to have dominion or control over the target whose DNA is rolled up into it. One would handle the ball within their hands, perhaps rolling it around in their palms while concentrating and focusing on the desire or intent. It is a sympathetic type of magic.

It is a very straightforward spell. And simple to do - presuming you have access to the target and can obtain things from that person. I've performed this spell only a few times, but in all of the executions, it worked out marvelously. I thought I might as well share the spell on the forums. Credits to Judika!
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