Curse - Malediction 1

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Curse - Malediction 1

Post#1 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:58 pm

This is an original curse-poem I wrote years ago, I don’t remember exactly. It's called "Curse - Malediction 1". It comes from one of my older manuscripts. I remember it was over something petty over neighbors and the spell involved a jar in which certain items were put, but I can’t remember that now. I think it could be adapted for use in image spells (“voodoo dolls”) and other sympathetic magics. The spell involved attaching a spirit to the items in the jar and when the victim would open the jar it would release the spirit and the curse, to do its bidding. However if adapted for other purposes it can be used as a malediction.

Spoiler: show
Here I have a gift for you,
Take off the lid and look inside,
or read these words I’ve written true
You let it out, to you it is tied.

Don’t try to put the lid back on
or rid of this at all -
It’s in these words, it has now spawned
It creeps inside your very walls

You do not listen, to anyone
At least not for very long;
Now it will go and have it’s fun
Until you recognize all your wrong.

First you will hear a quiet knock
Then will you know it is here,
In your dream, it is you who it stalks
And shake you and fill you full of fear.

You’ve let it out of this jar
That much is for certain -
It’s in this poem, it’s name is not far
It will keep you wrapped in its curtain.

You are full of anger and hate
But do not look inside
And so I bind you to this fate
Until you change, in you it will bide.

After its knock then will come,
A thing to visit in your dreams
Consider others or succumb
It will scratch you to the seams.

You will not know true happiness
As long as you use others
All you will find is sadness -
Being nice will work wonders.

Pursue you it will, only as long
Until you change your ways;
This spirit for you is very strong
It will drive you to a craze.

The more you deny and try to forget
The stronger and stronger it will get.
Being nice is the key -
Only then will you be set free.

The sprite (name not given) is sent to cause discord in the individual until they either succumb in their wrongdoings or change for the better and recognize their ways. This class of spell controls the will of someone, if combined with say a wax-image spell, so it is a more “black magic” sort of spell or incantation. It is straightforward and resembles the 'conjuration of the round stone' found in the vangelo, where a mischievous (but helpful) spirit is sent to make a man pay his debts.
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