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Qliphotic Magic

Post#1 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:42 pm

Or Qliphothic magic, depending on your tastes, is a rather intense subset of magical practices that more or less deserve their own thread. Recently, much discussion had surfaced in another thread surrounding the ToAF, and that discussion ended up turning into a discussion on QLP magic and its dangers. As such, this thread is a spin off thereof.

Here are some notable quotes to start us off:
Magister C. wrote:and also supports my attitude to working with the Qlipothic forces of the tree, without having checks and balances in place. It appears far to many on the LHP have this notion that they can merrily evoke the darkest, and most unbalanced forces of the shells, and not reap the consequences of their ignorance.

This ignorance is NOT first invoking And having a relationship with their HGA. The fact that so many So-called temples teach the most demanding and perilous forms of, magic without first teaching the magician the basics of cosmic consciousness (or a holistic foundation of spiritual balance) is asking for trouble.

I am not criticising those magicians who have fallen foul of bad teaching and teachers, rather its a call to all those who purport to teach the LHP to start teaching this stuff correctly. In fact-these so-called teachers are often the ones who fall into mental illness and paranoid thinking, simply because they themselves have never really understood the LHP, or the need to be conversant with RHP principles so-called. Half the problem is this talk of paths and such, for many it appears to create a sort of schizoid disconnect with the reality of their error.

Sadly as I have mentioned many times, far to many have not understood the real LHP (as practised in the East) and find themselves in dangerous waters of mental illness-all because they have not been truly prepared to traverse the adverse tree.

Wanderer wrote:Mag. C., great post. I think you about summed up my thoughts in a rather eloquent way. Working with the QLPth is a good way to get yourself broken and wind up with pieces missing. This is doubly true when evoking these forces with the safeties off. They are as powerful as they are messed up, as each Qlipa is a cast off, broken shell of a one-Divine thing that tried to take on too much and failed, thus cracking into dozens (if not thousands or millions) of itty bitty shards that each has its own life force still intact. When dealing with each, you're dealing with a hive of once-unified spirits, each like shards of glass from a dropped chalice. They're all aching and fighting and clawing their way into power, or at least attempting to do so, and as a result they are desperate. So desperate and so completely broken that they've no hope of putting themselves back together so instead they try to cause similar cracks in your facade. Doing so gives them the ability to multiply and grow, and they are parasitic enough to effect a coupe and attempt to take you over by way of assimilation.

They can be worked carefully, and if handled properly, they can be powerful tools which you can rebuild in your microcosm, effectively becoming allies. Until then, they are not your friend, and they will manipulate you. It is a way to gain strength, but its only wise to start attempting to work with them after you've gained a fair deal of Divine assistance and self-knowledge along the way.

For the record, the QLPth entities aren't evil...they are instinct, and they are tormented and twisted. Evil implies ill intent...many of these spirits lack the ability to form intention altogether.

Wanderer wrote:They work through a mechanic not unlike infection, and that often causes a person to start taking themselves apart, piece by piece. Mental illness is a very strong current with these entities, as they're basically a bunch of insane women. There are men too, but there are far more female spirits in the QLPth.

Amxha wrote:I remember being part of a skype group where we had two trans thelemites. One was having issues with the other because she was working on qlipphothic pathworking and the girl had essentially lost her mind. She became obsessed with stripping things down metaphysically/esoterically until they possessed absolutely no meaning or became 'anti-cosmic' in a way.

I had no issues with her insight, however it was her obsession that was the real issue. Her magickal practice stagnated because of it and she essentially dug herself into a magickal black hole.

edit: forgot to mention, it was so bad it actually started affecting other peoples' magickal practices in the household. The other thelemite was completely blocked from astralling. Qlipphoth is some serious shit.

Wanderer wrote:Yep, that sounds to be about right, Amxha. If there's a particular neurosis to bring to the surface in a given person, QLPthic magic'll do it in a hurry because misery loves company, and thus these spirits start to screw with little things inside of the person doing the work. Given enough time and a foothold, the spirit will overtake the target nigh completely and turn them into a walking black hole of crazy to boot. Anyone who sleeps with them will catch it, and anyone who lives nearby will likely experience serious setbacks.

Its useful stuff if you want to screw someone's day up, but it'll also muck yours up pretty astonishingly if you're not incredibly careful. Those who choose to walk those paths usually aren't ready, and when they aren't they usually become new residents at whatever psych ward is available locally.

I've worked with QLP magic for quite some time, and I've experienced the boons and drawbacks that can come along with it. It might have been my particular makeup that made it possible, but when I did so, I wound up being intimate with some seriously messed up women. Changed them about as much as it changed me, and there were some valuable lessons to be had. I got through it because I am a uniquely willful individual with enough spiritual connections to have some manner of seeing the way through. Without that, wouldn't have ended well.

talerman wrote:I think lhp and qlippoth should be practiced after 20 years of magic experience or less only if a person is above 40. I encountered a lot of qlippothic forces while working with Spirits mentioned by Bardon. According to his system, leaders of qlippothic forces are counter-genii. some of them are real bustards, but mostly they are just reversed, inverted, awkward in relation to the true genii and their mission. somehow I went quite deep into exploration of those counter-genii and their faculties...it is a taugh stuff. I could just imagine what would happen to the magician if he was only exploring the world of counter-genii? Disaster for sure. 100% result in madness. So I can not really understand those lodges which promote lhp in such a way as described in previous posts.

For those of you who have worked within such a system, what are your thoughts? I ask because I know that I am not the only person on the board whose involved himself in such things over the years. Shedding some light on such a wonky subject would likely be a rather helpful warning, at the very least.

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