i am a. difficult target

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i am a. difficult target

Post#1 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:28 am


i am fairly new to the forum but i have been reading for a while now. in my introduction i stated that i have a history of different religions however most of my magical upbringing was done by my grandmother, who had a witchy voodoo belief of her own.

now i have this belief that i am a difficult subject or target so to speak for magic. and i would like to know your opinions. i have high respect for many of you seeing how well educated and powerfull you seem to be, so this is the right place to ask... i think :)

i have in the past and just recently tested my theory, and the result is ... well ... nothing! i am not affected by magic pointed at me... either good or bad.. magic or rituals i perform go really well, i am a. reiki master and have incredible results, however if someone wants to reiki me... nada! no results! I dont even feel it. however i do feel energy coming from me to others. there was a. time i thought i was cursed, but that wasn't the case,

the last month i have some very powerfull witches, hoodoo docters and a satanist test my theory by doing luck spells, health spells and such. again.. nothing. there was one lady who did a blessing for me and my daughter, my daughter felt wonderfull, not me:)

my point here.. could it be that i am immune because my grandmother protected us with something when me and my nieces and nephews were babys? or am i somehow bound by something. i cant ask nana , she died a couple of years ago and made it clear we leave her to rest. still i wonder how you guys think about this.

i guess i should feel blessed, but even my own rituals who i do for me, give no results, if i do them for other people they go really well. the so called vinegar banish spell i did to get rid of a stalker worked. but, i did a ritual for more energy ( i have multiple sclerosis) didnt work at all. i asked my spiritual guide, and even a deity, but they are not answering this question, never have.

i know it sounds strange... still. im 37 and all this time i can only give:) which is really a blessing, but something feels icky :)

what do you think?
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