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Energy pulling, music, herbs, and tools

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:42 pm
by Rubygirl
He guys I'm practicing energy pulling and noticed how much more significantly easier it is to feel expanded and energized doing fast paced songs with super-fast drums and rifts. And I feel energized better than just caffeine alone. Which makes me wonder if adrenaline has something to do with energy pulling.

Is there a science to certain types of beats that be used specifically for energy pulling/ raising energy?

I doing feel as good at pulling energy from nature. I feel a bit blocked like I give off more energy on autopilot than I take in or circulate. Which is wonderful for everyone but me.

I can pull in "white light" energy but I feel like that makes me lazy.

Occasionally I get a blast of energy that really enlivens me but it's different than pulling down energy and more like flowing water enlivening me, being bestowed on me.

When I pull up earth energy, from my feet I actually feel more electric to do things with.

I'm looking to be both more productive as well as a better witch, do any of you have similar experiences and tips, any particular songs or drum beats? I'm not a musician unfortunately.

*Also, Have any of you used a chi generator?