The Glorious Thread on the Sacred Art of Girlfriend Tulpamancy!

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The Glorious Thread on the Sacred Art of Girlfriend Tulpamancy!

Post#1 » Tue May 23, 2017 3:51 pm

Guess the title should say everything...

But since it doesn't, please allow me to say a few words on this noble topic. If there was a Nobel Prize Award for Stupid Teenage Magical Mistakes, I would have won it several times, when in that age - no matter how hard the competition was (or is). You probably heard the story already, or at least some version of it. Since it isn't that uncommon.

It usually goes something like this:

A long time ago - perhaps at Bronze Age or some other dim ancient and forgotten past, such as the late 1980's or early 1990's - there was a young, budding warlock, trying to to survive the rather bleak era and small town he was living in. He was also trying to develop his powers without any teacher or books to study, for those were rare indeed in that time and place.

At this time the cute little teen warlock was a little bit sad, because his girlfriend had left him. Okay, she really was a crazy stupid bitch, but he still missed her, since she was his first girlfriend and she made him feel important and alive... He couldn't stop thinking about her. Now he was reading about tulpas in one of those bad occult books he was able to lay his hairy palms on. "That wouldn't be too hard to do!" he thought. He was actually right. "This is a brilliant idea!" he also thought. He was wrong.

So he started to make a tulpa that was a copy of his ex-girlfriend. But without any of those negative parts of her personality. This tupla would be absolutely devoted to the warlock. And with a little bit improved appearance, a little bit cuter and sexier, and slightly firmer boobs, but still looking strikingly alike his xgf. Oh, and the tulpa should also be horny! Yes.

Not going into details of the Work, but since that teenage warlock (without him boasting) had an extremely developed imagination and always excelled in visualization, the tulpa Imago grew to life after some weeks.

In the beginning everything was both fun and fine. But after some time the tulpa started to be more and more obsessive and possessive of the warlock, demanding attention all the time and somehow spending more and more of the young warlock's energy. Yeah, that's Power I'm talking of, folks! Life Force. When this started to be too unpleasant and exhausting, the teeny weeny warlock decided to break up with the tulpa. He told her he could't cope with her any more and that he was leaving her. Now the fun began for real!

Because the obsessed tulpa didn't take that very well at all! if the warlock had been unable to stop thinking about his xgf, it was nothing to the obsession of the tulpa towards the warlock. She was now following him everywhere, using more and more power. Besides, she was really angry at him, since she had been wounded and betrayed by her creator/lover. And the warlock didn't have the heart to destroy the tulpa, since she was his creation/mistress, and he still had some feelings towards her...

After many misadventures they at last made some agreement. The tulpa is probably still haunting some part of the aether. But she doesn't bother the warlock any more. At least it was long ago since the last time she tried to strangle him in his sleep... And the warlock is still out there. For many years he continued to do more stupid mistakes. Hopefully not so many and not so terrible any more. He sincerely hopes he got a little bit wiser with his years. But who knows?


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