Petitioning/Offering to the Genius Loci

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Petitioning/Offering to the Genius Loci

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Petitioning/Offering to the Genius Loci
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Take with you bread, milk/honey/water (offering 'liquid') - whatever you are using for 'food and drink' as an offering, and a protective powder* like cascarilla powder or baking powder, sage, etc. Go to a deserted and/or quiet place on the property and clean up a small area. Make a little 'home' for the spirits of the place or something. Some place that is a 'niche' for them to 'localise'. When it is all ready, declaim:

"Oh GENIUS LOCI of this place,
Please do save us from disgrace;
Keep the land happy and not
of death, misery, decay and rot.
Keep all evil spirits out of here,
From our homes and places near; --"

Then place the bread before the 'hut' or how ever you offer it, and pour the drink. Continue:

"As I pour you food and drink,
Drive away all evil and stink;"

Then take the powder*:

"And with this powder* in my hand,
I cast all evil from this land."

And actually walk around the perimeter of the property (or if that's not possible, in the same area where the offerings are) ridding it of it's evil, while saying:

"And with the gifts I leave to thee,
Please protect the land and me,
Protect my house and family!
Keep misfortune away and afar;
Our futures bright as like a star;
And when I go return to home,
I know I will not so be alone -
The Spirits of the Place will be,
Graceful and Joyus and Happy!
And evil driven off this land,
With the sword within thy hand!"

Then once it is all done, return home without looking back.
*originally salt. Changed to 'powder' as a 'substance-neutral' term *wink wink*
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