Just stumbled upon the "Wiccan Rede" and want to know if I'm understanding it correct

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Just stumbled upon the "Wiccan Rede" and want to know if I'm understanding it correct

Post#1 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 10:20 am

Background on why I came across this,
Currently I've been reading different books trying to get a basic working knowledge of magic as I'm interested in practicing.
originally, Dr. Skinner's book "Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic" was my first "heavy" book dealing with the subject but to be quite honest - this is far more advanced than I'm able to tackle at the moment so I picked up one of my earlier obtained books dealing with candle magic.
Between both Dr. Skinner's and Richard Webster's books, "Circle of Protection" is one thing I'm actively trying to get a grasp upon. and in reading I hit google looking for answers to a few questions and came across the "Wiccan Rede", it drew my attention due to the 3rd and 4th lines which read...
"Caste the Circle thrice about
To keep* the evil spirits out"

and naturally I read the rest trying to gleam as much information as possible. so I'm wondering if any practicing witch/warlock can help me with the lines I have not attempted to 'define', as well as correct me on any misunderstandings I have on the lines I have attempted to 'define'? Thanks in advance.


I'm going to ask a lot of questions and try to learn as much as possible, so please bare with me.

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