There is no Free Lunch

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There is no Free Lunch

Post#1 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:37 pm

Hey guys, im from Brazil.
Theres an occultism blog here and its owner, Marcelo Deldebbio posted this on his blog(its in portuguese, ill translate for english here):

There is no Free Lunch

Hello kids,

The other day I saw an advertisement on Facebook for "perfume magic" coming from those Satanists Orders of life. The ads were very similar to those we find in Wiccans' magazines. The products included fragrances that promises miraculous "calm the soul," "calm the worried mind," "nightmares protection", "protection" and one thousand other things tailored by name, date of birth and photo.

The lucky (or intuition) is what made me fall over the charlatan who owns that page before it was released to the public and could see the lure of vampirization of this crap (not a wicca shop, but a page managed by a Satanist yard of vampirization and killing of animals, the type that is more scrotum).

Before explaining how the scam in detail, I will tell other case:

Around 1999 circulated by the internet a book called NAOS, which would be the "Super-Duper book on how to become a super-master Orkut Satanist", with secrets that were "leaked" from such an ONA (Order of Nine Angles ) and that, despite having fallen into the internet, it contained miraculous secrets and satanics power ...

It was almost a modern version of the Book of St. Cyprian, Kryptonite's cover kkkk

At the time, a study group here in SP which I belong wanted to analyze that book to see what kind of things he could be useful. Imagine our surprise when Exus group found that evocations really worked!! But in reverse way!!

The rituals had been purposely created with the intention of opening small portals of vampirization, which were accentuated by the fact that the kids were doing the ritual of having cut yourself, spend time in fasting, walking for hours and hours on the road and other methods to exhaust any kind of will. Thus, the process did not give them the experience of contact with the "Holy Guardian Devil" (look the shit ...), but rather sent them a "Sacred Egun Vampirizador" that stood there sucking power of the brat and feeding a secret egregore.

Order of Nine Angles (ONA) is a secret satanic organization that actually exists, formed initially in the UK, having been shown to the general public in 1980 and 1990, with a medieval fantasy story. But it ends here. I have no doubt that there is really a core in the ONA somewhere in Europe, serving a group of eguns absorbing all that energy ... admit that there is not great things, because usually Orkuts Satanists are not useful for much and are not intended to give more than a ray-o-Vac battery. But the secret is the amount.

The book was "leaked" to the Internet and thousands of idiots gracefully did the rituals, thinking that they were very smart, and ended up swelling the ranks of batteries and energetic egregore slaves. The plan is sensational ... because a Orkuts Satanist will never admit that is an energetic slave ... they will ALWAYS think that they are badass, since the large base of Satanists internet is total insecurity with who the person is and what is able to do ... as well Crowley said "the slaves shall serve."
If someone speaks the NAOS is a portal vampirization and theft of energy and power and that the person is being vampirized / stolen, Satanists will still fight you! (any resemblance to Evangelical Churches _IS NOT_ coincidental). After all, the guy wants to pose as meanies and will admit it's an astral slave? That leaves on orkut and facebook, then two ... castes of Satanists who "organized" groups, trying to climb the pyramid of bullshit, and those who "want to join to have various powers" that constitutes the bulk of vampirized.

When I say that there is no free lunch, you must understand that no entity, whatever it may be, can long remain embedded in the physical world or manifested without a power source. And every war has to be funded. Normally they are mediums. In serious yards with entities and mediums prepared, there is a whole structure firmness, preparations and techniques that help these demonstrations, but still extensive work will end up depleting household members.

Yards working within the law, ie, that have large cores, protective nets have "power sharing" through rituals that feed this Egregore Guardians and allows your work ... we mention Freemasonry, Demolay Order, AMORC, FRA, Rosicrucian order, Martinist Orders, Arcanum Arcanorum, Buddhist Temples, and other fraternities. These Guardians work TOGETHER with the Holy Guardian Angel of each member ... this way, all members donate energy (remember ... there is no free lunch) and the entities share these energies in a great astral defense, forming a network.

Concept of Law and Out-of-Law
Our solar system has the purpose of EVOLUTION. This is the Law All cores working in law aimed at the development of its members through the discovery and accomplishment of the True Will of each. It's simple to understand that the Rosicrucian Order, the Orders Study on Essence of Freemasonry, the Essence of Thelema, in yards of Umbanda centers, Kardecists, in orders that allow the person to question and expand their horizons even more.

The Out-of-law work in Involution. They work in a way that members are energy food (and monetary, and emotional) for a few vampires. It is also very easy to understand that in the structure of any Evangelical or Catholic or Satanic of life. It is also very easy to see this in operation orders left hand from the internet, outlets selling drugs in pubs, in brothels ...
A Egun, or a spirit off-law, is a kind of "loan shark" in Astral ... someone who wants to keep it self on the planet and that needs to negotiate this energy with the guys. Some would call them vampires, kiumbas, obsessing, etc., but he is only one who wants YOUR energy to survive!

The best way for them to survive is to create a group that can steal energy a little of each, so that none of them eventually die or get too snotty. There are several types of eguns, but the best known feed the power generated through sex, sacrifices and "donations of energy." They are usually aggressive and tend to take control of the minds of its members, making them docile and fanatics to the commands of the leaders (any resemblance to political and dictatorial governments is not coincidental ... remember that what counts here goes there).

Then we have the initial group, or the mages or the blonde grand priestess or any crap like that. The group will strive to attract and chaining as many suckers (no pun intended) they can in search of their energy (astral and monetary) without giving anything in return. The balcony of these groups is that they always say that you are "special" ...

When the Egun can be established, he starts to pretend that it is a Exu and assumes pompous titles as Main Man, King, Baron, Duke, Satan-don't-know-how-what-of-and so on and seeks to give some power to the initial group to encourage them ... makes some love spells, makes some macumbas, gives money (in the case of churches, gives a new car, a salary of pastor ... see how the worlds are mirrored!) and protects those main slaves, who are the ones which will bring more energy / money in a sort of an Astral pyramid scheme.

So they form an "inner group" that has some perks, but ALSO serves as slaves of the Egun, and an "outgroup", which is just disposable battery. The external Group receives nothing or almost nothing and only pays or donates all the time. Meanwhile, in the Astral, this Egun try anyway to remain below the radar of the law Eventually it attracts people to the house with mediumship to incorporate other Eguns of his phalanx, or train some of the slaves of the inner circle to receive the entities in their bodies, forming a symbiosis. We can see this in many episodes in which the UCKG(Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ) are fake exorcisms, in which eguns incorporating work for the house itself. I recommend reading the book "The Midnight Guardian" by Rubens Sarraceni to a better understanding of how this works in the Astral Society.

Of course, in this underworld, astral wars occur all the time ... shepherds get their believers from drug addiction, prostitution, catch bad guys in jail and bring them into the church. Satanists and kimbanda guys recruit thugs, drugged people, and corrupt politicians, who are there to do their macumbas in times of election.

And eventually Eguns are recruited by phalanxes of the Law, becoming Exus of low hierarchy. Normally when such an attack comes against me or against established orders, we imprison and direct the eguns to work in the centers.

Then we return to the "magical perfume" ... what kind of idiot would pity her name, photo and date of birth to be used as energy battery by demons? Someone who did not know of the scheme, of course. Viewing the page we can see a pattern: Pick products with air that promise magical cures for depression, weakness, worry, nightmares, etc ...

These products take unfortunate people that:

1) believe in miraculous formulas therefore have low mental/astral defense
2) have obsessive spirits causing depression, weakness, worries, nightmares ...

Then take name, date of birth and photo of the person ... (should also ask for a strand of hair kkk). The astute reader has noticed that this trap is a CALL-Egun... a form of "recruitment" of slaves of Astral Obsessors, right? The sucker sends photo, name, birth date and an indication of weakness that he has ... all that Satanists need to do is open the gates, and enslave the obsessor and vampirize the loser ... genius!

Deeply, that's a good sign ... a sign that the egregore is weak and disorganized, desperate need of new astral "recruits"(why is it? have they been destroying the whole group? kkkkk)

Take great care with shops on the internet promising miraculous macumbas, especially those that ask for photo, name and date of birth with the excuse of being "tailored" ... this joke will cost a high price...


Notes from brazilian portuguese

-KKKKKK = a kind of LOL or Laugh
-AUHAUHHUAHUAHU = same as above

From: ... co-gratis/

So....looks like we got to be careful with some rituals and blessings or perfumes being sold on the internet.


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