The Aspersions rituals

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The Aspersions rituals

Post#1 » Fri May 16, 2008 3:44 pm

By Joseph Lisiewski -

Has any one attempted them? I am very eager on carrying them out, just that im quite naiive when it comes to magick as i've barely any practical experience backing me up.
I am curious to those that intend to, or have done so in the past, how did you constuct your magickal chamber?

Dr Lisiewski writes:

"This special space ( Magickal Chamber) also contains only two items:
A properly painted "Circle Template"
A plain, wooden Altar with cabinet, completely undecorated
As to the "Circle Template." This is a series of concentric circles, the outer of which is nine feet in diameter, the two inner of which are a hand's breath distant from each other (I covered this matter in detail in Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation. It is so constructed, such that the inner areas of the circles are left blank, enabling the magician to write in the appropriate names and draw the corresponding seals of the demons or beings being worked with, and according to the particular grimoire being used. During daily performances such as the LBRP, the boundary of the outer circle becomes a fixed reference point for the tracing of that ritual's pentagrams, thus insuring both the angles of the pentagrams and the circle connecting them is closed.)
The wooden Altar is that basic design taken from The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. It has great utility in all areas of magic, without being cumbersome and without taking up more area in the Magical Chamber than is necessary. It is placed at the exact center of the third and innermost circle, and remains there in a fixed position."

I know nothing about what he has spoken of; its just too advanced for me.
Can anyone offer their insights?
Could i still perform the rituals and just ommit the above two components?


(oh its my first post, so nice to meet and i love the forum) :)
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