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Iron and spirits

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:02 pm
by Loagaeth
Hey everyone! Long time no see! :) My spiritual practice has been pretty routine for awhile now, so I haven’t logged in in awhile, however I’ve found something that has me a bit stumped and thought I’d get some input from you guys.

So I’m trying to make a talisman for a spirit ally of mine, and because he and I have been such long time friends he suggested I make something that somehow evokes my childhood memories and the time when he and I met. One of the most powerful items I have, spiritually speaking, is the key to my old bedroom where I did all my esoteric work and started my journey into the occult. The house has been completely remodeled since we lost it years ago, so surely that door the key goes to isn’t even there anymore. Because of this, I’ve come to view the key as a means of opening the door to a sacred place unique to me.

But...well, it’s a skeleton key from the 1800’s and is a dark silver tone and magnetic, so it’s got to be either iron or steel, which has iron in it. Iron is, of course, well known as a spirit repellent. At least according to every google site I find and book I’ve looked in.

Have any of you used iron in your spiritual practice and found it doesn’t repel pretty much every spirit?