Academic Magic - entities as a gateway to higher learning

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Academic Magic - entities as a gateway to higher learning

Post#1 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:20 am

While I foresee this topic being of far less interest to than conventional sorcery, I think it’s interesting nonetheless. In my incredibly threadbare experience in entity related magic, I’ve seen a very close warrant between my own subjectivity and that attributed as “the entity told me”. The real question I have surrounding evocation ( gods, demons, and angels), is whether they can grant knowledge or ability which entirely differs from that which would be ordinarily obtained by the individual.

As a beginning to this topic, I will concede that the standard of “mastering evocation “ is met by any who can do so by the aid of the “will” and “name or picture” alone. I say this not as an expression of ego, but simply to streamline the definition for the purpose of clarity.

Let us begin with the question of goetia or similar entities who can “confer knowledge of all arts, sciences and studies”. Now given that my experience with the goetia invoked was incredibly rudimentary, I have no choice but to confer what may appear as armchair speculation. Nevertheless the inquiry is as follows:

Can these myriad of entities (gods, demons, angels, etc.) behave as a transactive information source, and confer information of any degree (from the fundamentals of quantum physics, to, what is the atomic number of Carbon) upon evocation (i would argue that the degree of information they can confer is HIGHLY important... just larger notions or ideas wouldn’t be enough) ?

Now I understand of course that type of entity, relationship with said entity, and ability of said entity are paramount factors in this question, but I hope the fundamental idea is clear. I believe if my notions of this are correct, it will at the very least be a large kick in directing me to what can only be called a “long period” of intense practice to gaining mastery of evocation :)

Ps. To perhaps best illustration the level of subservience I’m imagining from what I’ve heard described as “highly dangerous entities”, I confer to:

Autobiography of a Yogi - Chapter: A Mohamedean Wonder Worker

I believe this description of an entity is more on the lines of what I’m describing than those from the grimoires.

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