Christian charms, other options, and where I'm at

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Christian charms, other options, and where I'm at

Post#1 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:11 am

I apologize in advanced that I am a rambling idiot.

Anyway, in terms of my spiritual safety, things have been smooth sailing until a couple nights ago, when something stabbed me in the rib rather deeply. An associate, or friend, and I should say superior, who seems to be able to remove some (most) of my problems, who I would presume to trust and whose wife also worships Hekate (which I have seen on her facebook, though I do not trouble her), says that it appeared to be a probe, or rather plural, which I have gotten before, but he could not determine where this one came from. He believes I have been protected in the past by Hekate, but she appears to have departed, though I have protective measures in place.

Lately I've also been having stinging in my bottommost chakra (where my bottom is), though not too much. My superior suggests that it is time that I try to "walk through the fancy open door", or try to communicate with Hekate, as he states he believes I have been given abilities which I should activate. I suggested imagining an actual door, or try to create a thoughtform (which he might be able to hook up), which he approved.

Though I will attempt to walk through the fancy open door, I must also consider additional protective measures beyond nails and stones by the walls, and the protection I appear to have been given (spirits do not bother me much, or get in me to the same degree). One measure suggested by an associate is a witches bottle, to which he can make some suggestions. And I suggested I could get an amulet to Hekate, which he has, at least, suggestion to enchant on the new moon in ADF format. (A druid fellowship, I have a card and have attended meetings with my Shaman).

I could of course also consider Christian charms. The Jews seemed to have no issue making use of Hekate along with Jahova, though I am specifically sworn to Hekate, and I don't know what she might think of it. Or what he might think of it, I don't tend to blaspheme him specifically, though I am not sure about everything in the book; has some merits beyond the rather archaic and probably mistranslated prohibitions intended specifically for Levites.

I do not know if anyone who worship Hekate might be able to comment, though a Hekate devotee who calls herself an "anti-Christian" says she has no problem use of Solomonic seals, though I have to decide which one (I also have someone thinking on it). Obviously there is the one that is supposed to be specifically for protection from spirits in the house, and one against demons, but I do not think I am bothered by demons for the most part, neither does my Shaman who has removed a couple minor pests. And then there is one that is supposed to work against all enemies or perhaps just protection. Still, people so far suggest the one for demons.

There was a time when I thought the exorcism in the Enchiridion of Pope Leo might work just by my saying it, until I called something I couldn't get rid of on my own. It probably didn't help that I was calling things, though that one and another instance of were from calling Hekate (my superior tells me the things I got didn't have any relation to her). At any rate, it along with a simple Christian charm to expel have decreased in effectiveness over time, so even using charms, paper, there is some question to me as to whether they will work. But, I could try and use some charms in it, I have a physical of the version paired with the black dragon, which has notes.

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