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Help me interpret this dream

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:57 pm
by priam18
So, back story: I've been trying to lucid dream for the longest time and have generally been unsuccessful. I would get very close (false awakenings etc ...), but no success.

Well, a couple days ago a friend of mine bought me an agate necklace and I've been wearing it to bed. Well, without even thinking about lucid dreaming I've had two INCREDIBLY VIVID lucid dreams. I'm talking felt like I was fully awake until I noticed something off and said, "I'm sleeping". Then I immediately become lucid.

It's the first dream I'm a little worried about. In it, I was opening my fridge to get something to eat (as I usually do late at night) when I realize the fridge looked different. I immediately said I'm sleeping and snapped into lucidity. The minute I do that, however, a dog behind me (small white poodle) begins to bark and attacks me. I manage to dodge it's teeth 3 times (forming a triangle) but then I wake up.

My question this dog a symbol of something or even a spirit that's been keeping me from lucid dreaming, that the agate was able to overcome? My general understanding is that agate helps improve energy and provides some protection. But I'm.not sure how that translates into improved lucid dreaming.

Opinions appreciated...

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