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Advanced Hypnotism Practice

Post#1 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 5:05 pm

Hello all. As I said in my intro I just read a book on Trataka by an Indian yogi, and I wanted to bring your attention to an advanced practice in the book. the author mentions a technique called stambhan kriya which allows one to stare into the eyes of someone else and freeze all of their movement by shocking their astral body. This is mainly used by Indian yogis in battles of spiritual power, at least that’s what the book said.

Here is a quote from the book;

“The activity of the body of other used to be stopped through trāṭak. If the person in front is about to attack with a stick, the activity of his gross body was stopped. To restrain the activity of gross body, the subtle body has to be halted. The majestic rays emitted through trāṭak restrain the activities of the subtle body making it immobile. On restraining the activity of subtle body and subtle objects, the activity of the gross body and of the material objects is automatically stopped. The physical object which is seen in motion, is actually due to motion of the subtle substance pervaded in it. The activities in subtle is actually manifested in the physical. In the same way, it should be understood regarding this siddhi. If the person in front about to attack by lifting his hand and stambhan is applied on him at that very time, then his hand will remain lifted and he can‘t even move, he will appear to be a statue.

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