JHWH = Demiurge? / Gnostic theories

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JHWH = Demiurge? / Gnostic theories

Post#1 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:09 pm

Hi all,

in the Gnostic teachings there is the theory, that our world is created by the Demiurge (a "fake" and artificial architect that wants to be God or the Divine Source, but only is capable of calculating and lacks the true spiritual abilities like empathy, creation by the mind etc), who is trapping free Spirits in this world which is created pretty much like in the Matrix movie. Basically, the material world is created in such a way, that it produces constant suffering by the end of the day and causes us to stay trapped here. For the Gnostics, this Demiurge is the God of the Old Testament, while they believe that Jesus talked about the "true" God, who is the source of all Spirits. They also believe, that the Mind and the Soul are material creations by the Demiurge, who entwined them with the free spirit, for him to be bound to more layers of limitation and suffering.

This somehow rings true to me, as we experience lots of limitations and sufferings, which seem to be somehow opposed to the longing of our true spiritual being. It also fits to the fact to awaken the inner spark by magical work (which is done in many orders), and to bring the inner spiritual forces to grow to finally let them become bigger and stronger than the limitations of the material world. Here, death and rebirth play a role.

My question now is, how you think about the names of God, which for example are used in the LBRP. "JWHW", "Adonai" and so on are all names of the God of the Old Testament. How can we decide, whether we do work that frees the spirit finally, or whether we act out rituals, that imprison us without knowing it? The same goes for the spirits. Which one are true helpers, and which might be "agents"?

Also my question is, if a "Master Magician" is someone, who worked himself out of the limitation of this world and now works in this world, while not being from this world anymore? And because of that, can command over spirits and matter, perfectly knowing the demiurgic nature of it all?

To me all that makes sense, and I feel that this is the goal of my personal magical path - but I still need to find a working "theoretical construct" which allows me to fully dive into the rituals.

So what is your system to understand the world and your magical work in it? How did you sort out and align the different aspects like the nature of God / Higher Source, your personal magical work, spirits, your final spiritual goal, the idea of a demiurgic reality, the quality of the material world, the idea of being imprisoned, the very last foundations of reality and so on? How do you bring it all together?
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