'ambient' internal model and ritual applications

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'ambient' internal model and ritual applications

Post#1 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:35 pm

If I can see the edges of my experience then I cannot see the edges of my edges. Then I cannot ever see the highest order of edges (you can't count the number of things in your experience without extending it by accident)

Using this as motivation, visualize a triangle to realistic degree. Now try to count the 'pixels' in your vision using the triangle. Move it to the edge of your vision. Most people expect to see a black void, their sight being a sheet over nothing. Instead, vision stretches to contain the triangle. Repeat the process until vision is extended into a full spherical shape (like horse eyes).

Some of the visual experience is mapped to the physical eyes, the rest seem to be mapped to memory. For example, if you're in a crowd, you'll only see an approximation of reality with the vision mapped to memory (most of the vision). But synaesthesia will contribute to updating the vision. That is, foot steps will cause the memory mapped sight to update the positions of people, etc.

This 'memory mapped sight' is what I'm referring to by 'ambient' internal model. It's the part of the internal model that exists but isn't typically visible. It's what exists beyond the 'edges' of experience, where things haven't been actually seen yet, so the data is incomplete.

If I extend my experience to contain the ambient part, modify the ambient part, then shrink my experience back to what is typical, I notice some interesting effects. For example, if I'm in a high rise apartment, sometimes the feeling of being high up will dissipate over time. If I view my ambient experience, I'll notice that the lower floors, streets, etc. have been removed. If I readd these components, I'll feel high up in the sky again.

How do you usually configure the ambient experience of your ritual spaces? I like to fill mine with sensory silence so that I can induce a sensation of being nowhere. I find this reduces cognitive dissonance when trippy things happen, making my mind less likely to try to censor things. For example, during evocation.

Does anyone have any cool practical applications for ambient experience?
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