Working with the Archangels is easy

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Working with the Archangels is easy

Post#1 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:59 pm

Far away seems the time where I wondered why reaching the Archangels was more difficult than others spirits (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=14738). Looks like something posted in a previous lifetime.

Working with the Archangels on the contrary is very easy and those magnificent beings are so easily accessible.

I've been working with them continuously for those past 2 years, dedicating each days to them and God, praying daily and doing as much as I can to be the best version of myself in this reality.

I have found out that working with angelic beings doesn't require much. You don't need to be a QBL expert, you don't need to wear a robe or to recite complex and lenghty incantations. You don't need to check if the moon is waxing or not. You don't need tools consacrated on the top of a mountain at a certain hour. You don't need to have purchased expensive trainings and courses to teach you anything. None of those, which people are telling to go through (most of the time for business purposes and to make themselves look like they are allmighty magicians) is required to have the angelic light shine into your life.

Everyday I witness the magic of the Archangels. Everyday they are blessing my life and supporting me. Everyday miracles do happen. And as I see those miracles happening into my life, I see them happening to people who come to me for help.

I have written last year a short article on this topic : ... rchangels/

And while this may sound simplistic, this is my reality, my experience when it comes to working with the Archangels.

I could speak about so many experiences with them where their incredible beautiful power has manifested into my life, to the point that for the average Joe those things would look like miracles. They are not. They are only the manifestation of their powers which can be accessed by anyone. I'm not the most brilliant scholar, the most erudit expert in QBL, I'm not Gandalf or Harry Potter. I'm just a regular dude who has decided to devote his life to God and the angelic beings. I have no special powers, merits or knowledge. I just have this love of the Divine and of those beings and my will to get closer to them everyday.

This is all what it takes to have those amazing beings manifest into our life.

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