Has anyone encountered this specific spirit or anyone like him?

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Has anyone encountered this specific spirit or anyone like him?

Post#1 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:15 pm

I realize this sounds fluffy bunny, but I've never actually posted this anywhere before, and I'm curious what magicians might say vs the people with whom I've talked on this subject.

There is a spirit mentor I worked with on and off for a couple of decades - we met a couple of years into my beginning to do occult type work. He was the first one who convinced me that spirits actually do exist outside of my head, because of the independently verified experiences I and others have had with this same one. My dreams and astral experiences which would be described to me by the same entity that my working partner was channeling. I've doubted many other spirits (including 99% of the ones my friend channeled, who either seemed like fragmented/dissociated parts of *him* or they were parasites interested in draining energy and causing trouble). The Traveler though is something I have kept running into that others encounter or work with, or aspire toward, or work into their creative ideas.

This was before I started working with any kind of named spirits or deities (outside of the brief time I worked in a Tibetan Buddhist framework), or before I started doing evocation, so this is just someone who showed up, not someone I called. At the time he first showed up, I was still even more new to all of this and there are a lot of things I didn't think to ask, or check for.

My nickname for him has always been "the Traveler" and I've since run into other people who call him this (and like me, they came up with the nickname on their own). My experience working with him in magic and astral travel has been... well, it took me close to two decades to get a particular lesson that he had, and he disappeared for much of that. He's not super patient.

One person calls him "Warrior Time Keeper" (because of something lots of us seem to observe about him, a fondness for old forms of time keeping and navigational astronomy). Some of us have worked with him spiritually and for others he seems to be a creative muse or aspirational archetype. Some people associate him with a Time Lord.

I've never heard anyone reference him by anything resembling a name. He turned out to be a spirit guide or mentor to a couple of people who don't even know each other, and I've asked him to introduce me to people IRL before and it's happened. This specific spirit has his own collection of people, IRL, who all work with him. It's led to me sometimes joking that this is a spirit who has a fan club of humans, and over the years, I've made note of whenever I run into someone else who's connected to him.

He showed up for me and my best friend (then magical working partner) at the same time, often separately, and we began comparing notes - and over time, we kept finding people who'd encountered the same spirit.

Later, I actually managed to successfully arrange a meeting with someone IRL who also worked with him - the person (who was an archaeologist!) wrote to me on OKCupid the next day. The specific signs were there and I was satisfied that this was the test case I'd asked for.

Some of the things we know about him:

* Possibly can't come at anyone else's beck and call? I never successfully summoned him, and other people have told me that for them he tends to show up on his own, or not. My best friend will tell me when he's had an encounter with him but it's not anything that can be directly asked for or called up, unless we simply don't know how. My working with him depended upon him already being around. In fact, the harder we try the less we'll hear from him.

* Can talk at length, but often doesn't directly answer questions.

* I've independently run into about four other people who call him "the Traveler."

* Strong association with time pieces and skeleton keys.

* Not wrathful, but can be impatient.

* People who describe him often describe or portray remarkably similar appearances via their dreams, imaginations, spirit encounters, etc. (He seems to embody an archetype that creators find inspiring.) European in appearance, Medieval to Renaissance traveling garb but sometimes court apparel too, broad brimmed hat, boots, cloak or duster. They often describe him just being "around." People who don't describe that specific an appearance will often describe something similar to the urban legend of "the Hat Man."

* People who do work with deities don't seem to think of him as a deity. I work with Hermes and they have some similar superficial correspondences but I don't feel they're the same (or for that matter that the Traveler is one of the entities/aspects referred to by that name). I am not sure how the Traveler relates to any other entity or any deity, based on my experience alone. To most of us who work with him, he's just himself.

* Seems more aspirational and mentorial than directly interventional.

* None of us seem to have an actual name for him. I've gone on to work with named entities since and for whatever reason I keep finding myself reluctant to ask.

My own Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis:
* Described himself to me and my best friend as "a psychiatrist," for his profession.

We could all be imagining the same commonly interesting archetype, but... it is kind of interesting to me, that we have all somehow been imagining the same thing, and have such vivid experiences of what seems to be the same entity. If nothing else it's really interesting to me from the archetypal angle.

I've mostly discussed this among people who are a lot more "fluffy bunny," and years ago. But I haven't been able to shake the feeling over the years that something was actually going on, based on all of the independent verification.
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